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Why Azerbaijan Is A Totally Underrated Destination

The world is filled with amazing places to visit, but some rarely get the publicity that they deserve. Take Azerbaijan, for example. The country is one of the most underrated vacation spots out there, and there are plenty of reasons why.

A mix of architecture

Architecture is always a good thing to look out for when you go on vacation. Every country does things differently, and that’s clear to see in Azerbaijan. The buildings here offer an intriguing mix of styles, with modern touches often contrasted by relics of the past. If you want to visit somewhere where medieval structures and glass skyscrapers co-exist, then this is the place to be.

Mud volcanoes

Have you ever seen a mud volcano up close? If the answer’s no, you might want to get yourself on a plane to Azerbaijan right now. The Absheron Peninsula is filled with these natural wonders which definitely won’t endanger your life the way regular volcanoes will. They’re created by a buildup of gas beneath the surface which forces the mud to swell up into bubbles. It’s not often that these volcanoes erupt so much as they just ooze out of the ground. However, regardless of if they put on a big display or not, they’re still worth a marvel at.

Villages in the mountains

Anyone who loves spending time in nature will feel right at home in Azerbaijan. The country has many beautiful green areas, particularly around the Caucasus Mountains. These hills stretch for as far as the eye can see, and they add a dramatic touch to the eye-catching landscape. While most of the mountains have avoided human interference, there are a few villages dotted around the place. This includes sites like Quba and Xinaliq, which are well worth a visit. The villagers are used to welcoming tourists by now, and they delight at the chance to offer a perspective into their unfamiliar culture.

A love of tea

If there’s one drink the residents of Azerbaijan seem to crave more than any other, it’s tea. The people here have a great love for the stuff, with ancient ceremonies regularly conducted in honor of the warm beverage. To them, enjoying a cup of tea together is a great way to show warmth and friendliness to others. Anyone who’s a tea lover would definitely appreciate a trip to Azerbaijan. Not only are there so many great flavors for you to experience, but you also have the perfect chance to bond with the locals. What more could you want?

Friendly locals

Although sharing a beverage with them will definitely help you bond, it seems it doesn’t take much to get the locals on your side. The people of Azerbaijan are some of the friendliest in the world, and they’re often willing to help you without asking for anything in return. That level of kindness isn’t easy to find back home, so seeing it here is incredibly refreshing.

There’s so much to see and enjoy in Azerbaijan that a trip here will truly change your life forever.