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Which National And State Parks Are Open In America At The Moment?

Travel may have been heavily disrupted in 2020, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend all of your time inside for much longer. Learning which national and state parks are open at the moment could help you get out and enjoy some fresh air among the madness.

State parks in New York

A whopping 180 state parks are tucked away inside New York – and all of them are open to the public. Although the state limits the number of people in one park at a time, there are always plenty of other options if you miss out. New York might have you thinking of the city, but there are plenty of opportunities to get in touch with nature and step away from the chaos, too.

Yellowstone National Park – Idaho, Wyoming, Montana

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most famous parks across the nation. It might be no surprise as it is the oldest national park in the US. Although there are some restrictions on services and facilities, the park is still open for us to enjoy. Here, it’s a great idea to take advantage of the hiking trails that take you around the park’s main attractions: the geysers and hot springs.

State parks in Kansas

Kansas has an impressive 28 state parks, including the likes of El Dorado, Tuttle Creek, and Lake Scott. The parks here are often thought to be some of the most beautiful across the US. The good news? They are all open for camping and hiking. Perhaps it’s time to get out there and enjoy some of the breathtaking views for ourselves?

Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado

You will need to obtain a timed camping or entry permit before heading to Rocky Mountain National Park. Thankfully, once you have one in your name, you are free to explore the park as you please. Of course, there are several hiking trails, but they’re just the beginning. Bear Lake and other picturesque points are also great for spotting nature.

State parks in New Mexico

35 state parks are dotted across New Mexico, and they are all open for state residents to enjoy. However, you might have to hold off on a visit if you are from out of state as they are currently reducing the people allowed in. Many of the parks are open for day use, which means there are plenty of hiking opportunities if you’ve been itching to stretch your legs.

Joshua Tree National Park – California

Amazingly, it was swarms of aggressive bees that saw the campgrounds shut for a few weeks. Thankfully, things appear to have calmed down, and the majority of the park is now open once again. Joshua Tree is a fantastic place for stargazing while the hiking trails help you to see the park from all new angles. Just don’t forget your camera if you want to capture the beautiful birds in the area.

Several national and state parks are open at the moment, meaning we could soon have the perfect excuse to get back outdoors.