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Which Airports Were Voted The Best In The World

In today’s world where pretty much everywhere is just a flight away, airports are essential. Most of the time there is nothing to enjoy about waiting for your plane to arrive. These airports were voted the best in the world, and you won’t mind so much if your plane gets delayed at these destinations.

Changi Airport, Singapore

According to the Wanderlust Reader Travel Awards, Singapore’s Changi Airport is the best in the world. The airport tries to make every person feel as though they are at the center of something special, and it’s like a city mixed with a nature reserve.

There is plenty of light and space in this airport, so travelers don’t need to feel they have been locked inside a drab building for hours. There are six gardens in the airport, along with a fish pond, plus there’s even a movie theater and video game center. There are plenty of shops to spend those last vacation dollars in, plus a food street that features amazing dining.

Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

Airports these days are more about finding time to fit everything in, rather than desperately looking for something to do to pass the time. At Hong Kong International Airport you might find yourself making several trips to Hong Kong just so you can experience all of the airport. Not only is there plenty of shopping opportunities that you would expect from a top-class airport, but there is an IMAX theater too.

On top of that there is also a golf course, to let you squeeze in a quick round before it’s time to jet across the globe. You won’t go hungry at Hong Kong International Airport either as there are so many Cantonese food options, you’ll be making room for a second portion.

Dubai International Airport, UAE

Dubai is known around the world for the luxurious lifestyle that many of its residents are fortunate enough to lead. The airport is an extension of that, and you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve flown directly into a five-star hotel. There is a concert stage, a whirlpool in the spa, and even personal shopping assistants available should you want any.

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands

There is a lot of air traffic heading into and out of Amsterdam, so the airport needs to be good enough to please the millions of tourists passing through it every year. Schiphol Airport lives up to the hype and is one of the most calming airports in the world, despite Amsterdam being such a busy city.

You can lay back on the beanbags found around the airport, or head to the spa to receive some beauty treatments. The Netherlands is famed for its cycling culture, and there is a cycle center where you can take an exercise bike for a spin to burn off some extra energy.

These airports ensure that even if you have a terrible flight ahead of you, at least you got to hang around waiting for it in style.