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Want to Experience Off-Grid Traveling? Head to Kyrgyzstan

It can feel like we aren’t really getting a break from our normal lives when we go traveling these days. We can remain connected to our phones and social media wherever we are, which is great, but it can also be annoying. It means we can check in to see what emails we have received from work, and then do we ever truly relax? Off-grid traveling helps us properly unwind from life at home, and Kyrgyzstan is one of the best places for it.

Nomadic lifestyle

Many people in Kyrgyzstan lead lives very similar to their ancestors. Historically, people in Kyrgyzstan would move through the mountains, following their herd of cattle as they graze. Today you can find hundreds of nomad camps during the summer months in Kyrgyzstan either by the roads of the country or lost in the mountains. Despite this nomadic lifestyle, locals in Kyrgyzstan are always welcoming to tourists, offering you space in their tents, or letting you experience their daily tasks. There isn’t a laptop in sight where these folks work.

Untouched landscape

You might think you have stepped back in time when you visit Kyrgyzstan for the fact that it seems almost entirely unspoiled. What makes a vacation in Kyrgyzstan even better is the fact that the majority of this land is accessible, all you need to do is start walking. It won’t take you long during your stay in Kyrgyzstan to realize that you are going to be trekking through some pretty amazing wilderness. Places are accessible by car though, so you can still have some home comforts!

The local entertainment

You might be missing the big sports game back at home, but you won’t be for long when you watch some of the local sporting activities in Kyrgyzstan. Horses are deep-rooted in the culture of the country, and many of the most popular sports involve them. The sport known as horse games is the most common, which is a version of polo, while horse wrestling is also a big thing. Who needs ESPN when they can watch some people showing off their skills on the back of a horse?


The whole country kind of feels as though you have taken a route off the beaten path. It’s an amazing way to disconnect from all of the electronic noise we can have in our lives, plus it’s not going to cost you a ton either. You can stay in Kyrgyzstan for as little as $10 per day, a fee which will typically include your dinner and breakfast if you stay with locals. Locals are willing to open up their homes to tourists without hesitation, and in most places you visit, you will find people approaching you almost immediately.

In the majority of places we travel to these days, you are practically guaranteed to bump into at least one other tourist. That’s not the case in Kyrgyzstan, and it’s one of the best places in the world to experience off-grid travel yet still feel right at home.