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Top US Cities With The Best Thanksgiving Day Parades Of All Time

If it’s not the food or the family time that gets you excited for Thanksgiving, it’s probably the parade. This is such a massive tradition throughout the United States, with plenty of cities hosting one every year. Which Thanksgiving Day parades are the best of the best, though?


All of these Thanksgiving Day parades have been around for years. However, few can claim to have the longevity that Philadelphia’s event does. After all, this parade has been going for almost a century now. Obviously, things have changed as the years have progressed, but the heart and soul of the event have remained consistent all this time. The floats, balloons, performances, and more are as iconic now as they were 100 years ago. To get a good view of them, you’ll want to arrive early anywhere along the 1.4 miles between 20th Street and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


Get yourself into Chicago before 8 am, and you stand a chance of getting a good view of the city’s Thanksgiving Day parade. The event lasts for three hours and brings plenty of wonder, from the massive balloons and decked-out floats to the performance pieces that travel along with them. The parade begins in State Street and is free to attend, so it’s an excellent way to spend your Thanksgiving Day morning.

New York City

When it comes to parades, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day is easily the most famous. The New York City event always attracts millions of spectators, with many more watching the festivities on their TVs. Kicking off bright and early, the parade combines marching bands and floats with Broadway performances and celebrity appearances. It truly is a spectacle worth admiring.


Since 1924, Detroit has been host to a Thanksgiving Day parade of its own. Over six dozen parade units are enlisted every year to travel through Downtown and entertain onlookers with their eye-catching decorations. The event starts at 9 am, though you’ll want to show up early to get a good spot along the route. After all, this parade is better known as America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, so you know it’s going to attract tons of spectators.


10 am isn’t that late in the day. However, compared to some of these parades, it’s not the earliest start. That’s good if you want to enjoy more time in bed on Thanksgiving Day morning. You can be well-rested to enjoy all the goings-on at Houston’s parade, including performances by cheerleaders from across the state. The event is a real celebration of Thanksgiving, as well as what makes Texas such a special place to live. It’s definitely not one to be missed if you live in the area.

No matter where you live in the United States, there should be a Thanksgiving Day parade nearby that you can enjoy. Even if you just watch it on television, you’re not short of wonders to marvel at during the special day. That’s assuming you can resist the allure of all that Thanksgiving food for long enough, of course.