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This Is Why Bristol Is The Coolest City In The UK

Those who live in the United Kingdom know that this place has so much to offer, but it’s fair to say that tourists often stick to the places that stick out. They check out the sights and wave hello to the Queen in London, they head to the Highlands of Scotland to climb peaks and be at one with nature, and they might even make their way to Dublin to have a drink in the Temple Bar. Yes, what most people don’t realize is that there are so many amazing and cool cities in the UK, and Bristol is the coolest of the lot.

There’s street art everywhere

If you’ve never been to Bristol, then you should definitely add it to your bucket list immediately. One of the main reasons for that is because the whole city is covered in street art. As an up-and-coming start-up city that’s filled with young and creative millennials, there’s no doubt about the fact that these young professionals are making their mark – quite literally. Many of the streets in this city are completely full of artists’ work, and you could spend hours just wandering around and seeing this color in all of its beauty.

It’s the perfect mix

One of the greatest things about the UK is that the landscape is so varied in such a small amount of space. The same can definitely be said for the city of Bristol, as it’s the perfect mix of cosmopolitan city life and English countryside. Although you could spend a huge amount of your time checking out the big buildings and watching oodles of people pass you by on the streets of Bristol, a short drive out of the city will provide you with lush forests and rolling hills.


The food is incredible

If you’re the kind of person that loves their food, you’ll be happy to know that Bristol is full of incredible and delicious food that will make your taste buds tingle. Because the city is so varied and eclectic in terms of those who live there, there are foodie tastes to suit everyone. From international cuisine to vegan restaurants and locally sourced food, there’s no doubt about the fact that you will leave Bristol with a full stomach and a smile on your face

The people are amazing

Bristol has quickly become one of the most popular cities in the UK, and it seems as though more and more people have packed their bags and moved there to call it their home. With so many people living under one city roof, it’s allowed more and more people to interact. In fact, the people of Bristol love to welcome visitors to their wonderful city, and they are more than happy to show it off. They’re friendly, they’re happy, and their accent is pretty cool.

If you’re looking for the coolest place to visit in the UK, then it’s time to book your flights and say hello to Bristol. We can guarantee that you won’t regret it.