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These Incredible National Parks In Argentina Sure Do Get Us Away From The Rest Of The World

If you’re an outdoorsy person, a trip abroad is always an opportunity to explore new scenery. Every country has its share of beautiful views and compelling routes to travel along, and that includes Argentina. This South American nation is home to some of the best walks and most breathtaking sights, all of which can be found in their incredible national parks.

Los Glaciares National Park

Argentina is so far south of the equator that some parts of the country see a lot of cold and icy weather. Los Glaciares National Park is an excellent example of this because it’s here you’ll find the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. You’ll want to wrap up warm during your visit, especially if you plan on ascending the trails to Mount Fitz Roy and Mount Torre. Whether you want to see the glaciers, discover the area’s vibrant wildlife, or challenge yourself on a mountain trek, this is absolutely a national park to visit.

Tierra del Fuego National Park

Its name translates into English as “Land of Fire,” which may make Tierra del Fuego National Park seem a complete contrast to the previous one. However, you’ll also encounter subpolar forests and snow-capped mountains here, along with the lakes, lagoons, and other natural wonders in this area. There are 25 miles of trails to explore here, including the coastal path. Plus, there are enough bird species in this national park to keep any twitcher happy.

Iguazu Falls National Park

At Iguazu Falls National Park, you can expect to see more than 300 waterfalls all cascading down at the same time. It’s an excellent place to visit if you want to feel refreshed, not to mention bask in the beauty of this natural phenomenon. Whether you wish to explore the place on foot or by boat, this is a wonder you simply can’t miss out on.

Golfo San Jorge National Park

Love penguins? Then Golfo San Jorge is the national park for you. The continent’s biggest colony of Magellanic penguins roost here, with their numbers typically reaching around half a million every year. If you visit during fall or winter, you’re bound to see them in all their glory in the Punta Tombo Provincial Reserve. You might also be lucky enough to encounter dolphins and whales in the water too.

Sierra de las Quijadas National Park

Another incredible national park in Argentina is Sierra de las Quijadas. Here, you’ll find red sand canyons, fossils, and the Desaguadero River to take your breath away. It’s one of the most serene places in the country, mainly due to its sparse landscape. That emptiness doesn’t take away from any of the beauty here, though. Just be sure to visit this national park with a guide, particularly in the summer months. Flash flooding isn’t uncommon, and you don’t want to be caught off guard.

Argentina has so many amazing national parks that you’re never short of somewhere to go when you’re in the country. Now that you know what’s there, you might want to think about booking your next vacation perhaps?