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These Are The Most Popular Roadside Attractions Across The US

If you drive along any stretch of road across the US for long enough, then you’re bound to find something to gaze at in awe at some point. The States is filled with so many incredible sights and sounds. Now, these could be the most popular roadside attractions across the US.

Seven Magic Mountains – Nevada

If you’re traveling near Jean Dry Lake, then you might want to make a stop at the art installation that is Seven Magic Mountains. It first opened in 2016 and was expected to last for two years, but it proved to be so popular that it’s remained open as one of the most popular roadside attractions across the US ever since.

Jolly Green Giant – Minnesota

The Jolly Green Giant is a face that’s recognized across the planet, and now, people can see him in the flesh in Minnesota – kind of. The giant statue stands at 55 feet tall and marks the entrance of the Giant Museum. If you want more than a roadside attraction, then the museum is the place to be as it’s filled with the largest Jolly Green Giant memorabilia collection across the planet.

World’s largest beagle – Idaho

Not only is the world’s largest beagle one of the most popular US roadside attractions, but it’s also a unique place to stay if you want something different to enjoy for your trip. It’s found in Cottonwood in Idaho and is a part of the Dog Bark Park Inn. The beagle opened in 1997 and stands at 30 feet high, perfect for a sleep with a difference.

Salvation Mountain – California

It’s been more than 30 years in the making, but Salvation Mountain is one of the most colorful roadside attractions across the US. Leonard Knight is behind it all, as he wants a place for people to immerse themselves in after having an epiphany at the spot. The art is constantly updated as people leave their own messages about happiness, love, and acceptance.

The Fremont Troll – Washington

The Fremont Troll is one of the more terrifying roadside attractions out there, but the 18-foot high statue is an incredible sight. He’s found underneath the George Washington Memorial Bridge and us holding an actual VW Beetle as though it’s been stolen from the road. Initially, the car housed a time capsule that included things such as Elvis’ plaster bust, but it was stolen when the statue was vandalized.

Lucy the Elephant – New Jersey

A trip to New Jersey probably isn’t complete without seeing Lucy the Elephant. She is a six-story high sculpture and was built in the late-1800s. Throughout the years, Lucy has been used as a tavern and summer residence for a British family. Still, she now stands as a National Historic Landmark and has been protected ever since.

The most popular roadside attractions across the US sure know how to turn a road trip into something special. Perhaps it’s time to think about spicing up our next adventure with a trip or two to some of the many attractions on offer across the nation?