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These Are The Most Adventurous Things To Do In Sri Lanka

If you’re someone that loves a bit of adrenaline, then it might be time to head to Sri Lanka. Yes, really. These are the most adventurous things to do in Sri Lanka, as it seems there is no shortage of ways to get your heart racing with a trip to the nation.

Enjoy whale watching

Although blue whales are endangered, they can be a common sight in Sri Lanka, depending on the time of year. Mirissa is one of the best places to see the whales, but have no fear if you can’t make it to the town between November and April. It turns out there are also plenty of other whale species that call the water home and love to put on displays for passing boats.

Give surfing a try

One of the best things about Sri Lanka is the number of surfing spots found across the country. While some locations are better for more experienced surfers, there are also plenty of chances for beginners to try their luck on the waves and fall in love with a new sport. In fact, there are even some calmer lagoons that are perfect for kitesurfing, while the rest of the bays have their on and off seasons for surfing.

Head out on a safari

Going on a safari is always an incredible experience. The same goes for a safari in Sri Lanka. Here, there’s a good chance you’ll see elephants, birds, and crocodiles. If you’re lucky, you may even spot one of the famous leopards that roam across the nation. There are several different types of safari depending on the experience you want and your budget, but boat safaris are great if you hope to see elephants taking a splash in the water.

Hike around the Knuckles Mountains

The Knuckles Mountains earned their name thanks to the fact they look almost like a clenched fist. If you love hiking and adventure, then they’re a must-visit in Sri Lanka as the trails are filled with breathtaking waterfalls and caves. You might want to book a guide for your trip as there are few signs along the way, making a solo adventure a little more dangerous than the adventure many are looking for from their trip.

Climb up Sigiriya

Sigiriya might just be Sri Lanka’s most famous landmark. Did you know that you can climb all the way to the top of Lion’s Rock? That’s right; you’ll get to learn about everyone who has lived in the area throughout the years, enjoy monks’ ancient paintings, and even walk through a pair of carved lion’s paws. Once you reach the top, people are greeted by some of the most incredible views found across the nation, especially at sunrise. Just be sure to get to Sigiriya early if you want to beat the crowds – and the heat.

The most adventurous things to do in Sri Lanka don’t just get out hearts going; they also give us a brand new way to explore such a breathtaking and varied nation.