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These Are The Best Safaris And Boat Tours Across Africa

Safaris and Africa have long gone hand in hand. If you’ve found yourself wanting to take a tour of one of the most naturally beautiful continents on the planet, then it might be time to check out some of the best safaris and boat tours across Africa.

Dhow Safari – Quirimbas Archipelago

White sand beaches, crystal-clear water, and swaying palms perfectly set the scene for the Dhow Safari. The best bit? The safari is a traditional Arabic dhow, meaning you’ll get to immerse yourself in African culture fully. Every stop comes with plenty of opportunities to snorkel and scuba dive among the fish and reefs. Plus, the crew makes a camp on a different uninhabited island each night where guests can enjoy the stars and freshly caught seafood.

Royal Cleopatra – River Nile

There are so many boat safaris on the River Nile that it can be tough to know where to begin. The Royal Cleopatra is certainly one of the best. The traditional sailboat has been designed to fit with the Victorian era, and that’s just the start. Only seven travelers can come aboard, meaning it’s a more intimate cruise around Africa. That doesn’t mean it skips any of the major sights as the Royal Cleopatra tours the most eye-catching sights with a professional Egyptologist by your side every step of the way.

Zambezi Queen – Chobe River

If you want a water safari, then you might want to take a trip on the Zambezi Queen found on the Chobe River. The river marks an essential part of nature in the area as elephants regularly visit the water to cool down, while impressively colored birds use the banks for their nests. Amazingly, the Zambezi Queen comes with its own swimming pool, meaning visitors can enjoy a dip alongside the famous animals that fill the area.

MV Ilala – Lake Malawi

It might be a lake, but it’s one of the largest Great Lakes across Africa. It’s popular for watersports, relaxing, and fishing, and now we can take it in a whole new way. The MV Ilala travels the length of Lake Malawi once a week and makes several stops along the way. You can hop on and off whenever you like, as well as recoup at the several bars and restaurants on board.

Bou El Mogdad – Senegal River

The Senegal River has been sailed for generations, and now, we have a chance to hop aboard the Bou El Mogdad a handful of times a year. Along the six-day cruise, people can enjoy sights of local villages and various French forts that have stood the test of time. As if that wasn’t enough, there are two restaurants and plenty of birdlife to pass the time as guests sit back and relax in style.

These are the best safaris and boat tours across Africa. The best bit? They all offer up something different and a brand new way to see the landscape that’s drawn in so many visitors over the years. The question is: where to start?