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The Top Winter Vacations If You Love All Things Snow And Ice

Winter is one of those seasons that you either love or hate. It all depends on how you feel about cold weather, short days, and snow. If you’re a fan of all those things, you’ll probably be glad to know there are some fantastic vacation spots that specialize in these elements during the winter.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Snow and mountains are the perfect combination, especially if you’re a fan of skiing. There’s nothing like the thrill of zooming down the slopes as the snow whips up around you. When it comes to countries that are ideal for skiing, Switzerland definitely stands as one of the best. It’s home to some of the most incredible mountains, with Zermatt at the foot of several of them. Here, you have around 125 miles for skiers of all experience levels to explore, with snowfall more reliable than in other parts of the country.

Vienna, Austria

Winter coming around means the approach of the festive season, which means plenty of holiday markets to explore. Western Europe has some amazing options, including the one that Austria hosts in Vienna every year. The city’s incredible architecture combined with the twinkling lights and vast array of goods on sale makes this market quite a magical place to be. You can easily lose several hours here buying gifts and sampling the best food that Vienna has to offer.

Tromsø, Norway

You can always rely on countries like Norway to be good for snow and ice in winter, if not all year round. Tromsø is one of the best places to visit for this purpose, especially because it offers incredible views of the Northern Lights. From September through to April, there’s a good chance you’ll witness this phenomenon. That’s especially the case if you go between November and January when the sun never rises in the area.

Québec City, Canada

Compared to some of these other locations, Québec City in Canada shouldn’t be so far for many to travel. That’s just one of the area’s many perks, though. It essentially combines a lot of what makes the other places so great to visit, from snowy slopes to festive markets. Plus, with Québec City being in Canada, you know that the region will always be good for snow when winter rolls around.

West Yellowstone, Montana

Even closer to home is West Yellowstone in Montana, where snow is almost guaranteed every year. The area has many miles of road that are perfect for exploring with a snowmobile, with Yellowstone national park offering some breathtaking sights along the way. You haven’t really enjoyed this region’s natural wonders until you’ve seen what they’re all like under a blanket of fresh snow. You won’t find anything else quite like it in the United States.

Those who actually enjoy the cold, snowy weather that comes with winter definitely aren’t short of places to visit. Whether you’re looking to go abroad or prefer to stay nearer to home, there’s somewhere you can get your winter fix. You’ll probably enjoy yourself so much you won’t want to come back.