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The Prettiest Towns Across El Salvador For Anyone Looking To Fill Their Social Media

What is it you prioritize when you go on vacation? Is the weather your biggest concern, or are you more interested in finding things to do? Perhaps your main focus is visiting somewhere pretty that you can post about on social media? If that’s the case, there are plenty of towns across El Salvador that are just waiting for you to visit.

La Palma

If there’s anything La Palma’s known for, it’s Fernando Llort. He’s a renowned artist in the area, famous for both crafts and paintings. You can see his work on the Central Cathedral, as well as different spots throughout the town. La Palma is basically a visual paradise, with art everywhere you look. That alone makes it more than worthy of a place on your social media pages.


During El Salvador’s civil war, Suchitoto was almost destroyed. Thankfully, that didn’t happen, and it was allowed to blossom into the beautiful location it is today. From the cathedral in the plaza to the clear waters of Lake Suchitan below, there’s so much beauty in this little town. The colorful homes are like nothing you’d see back home, with the hotels and restaurants taking residence in some wonderfully restored historic villas.


If it’s nature you’re after, Juayúa definitely has you covered. This town is surrounded by greenery in the form of lush forests. Do a little exploring, and you’ll encounter some incredibly picturesque waterfalls, such as Chorros de la Calera. Of course, you don’t need to leave Juayúa to find beauty because the town itself has plenty of gorgeous photo opportunities. It also has a food festival every weekend that’s definitely worth snapping some shots of.

Santa Ana

Santa Ana might not be the most popular town in the region, but that’s not a bad thing. For one, it means you don’t have to deal with as many people when you explore the architectural wonders that this place has to offer. From the cathedral to the National Theater, each building is a spectacle worth marveling at. There’s Joya de Ceren just on the outskirts too, which is also something to behold. This is an excavated Mayan village that offers a wonderful glimpse of the past.


You’re in for a bit of a climb with Apaneca, given it sits 4,845 feet above sea level. The ascension is more than worth it, though, when you see what’s up there. With colorful houses to rival Suchitoto and a hedge maze that’s pretty much a labyrinth, there’s definitely a lot to marvel at here. Plus, there are several volcanic crater lakes nearby that ought to get you snap happy if you go for a hike. You won’t be disappointed by what Laguna Verde and Laguna de las Ninfas have to offer you.

There’s far more to all of these towns than just their sights. However, there’s no denying that these are some of the prettiest places in El Salvador, and that alone makes them worth visiting. You should have a full camera roll by the end of your vacation.