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The Most Incredible Ice Hotels From Around The World

Sleeping in a hotel made of ice might not sound like the most pleasant experience. However, if you can get over the initial cold, you might be blown away by just how rewarding it is. There are some astounding ice hotels out there that are sure to give you the stay of your dreams.


It’s been almost 30 years now since Jukkasjärvi in Sweden began enticing visitors to enjoy the cold through their ICEHOTEL. As the first hotel of its kind, you can trust that this establishment knows what it’s doing. It helps that the place always incorporates new ideas to keep people interested, rebuilding the hotel in new and exciting ways every year. Each room is always different from the last, so you can marvel at the unique sculptures around you as you settle into your thermal sleeping bag.

Hôtel de Glace, Canada

We know that Canada is no stranger to snow, so it’s not surprising that the country has its own ice hotel – the Hôtel de Glace. Another establishment that’s rebuilt every year, it offers dozens of rooms all designed in their own special way. Some of them even have roaring fireplaces to keep you warm, because apparently, Canada has mastered how to stop fire from melting ice. This is an excellent hotel to visit if you want to stay busy during the day as it’s only ten minutes away from Quebec’s city center.

Hotel of Ice, Romania

It’s hard not to feel like you’re entering a secret lair when you go to Romania’s Hotel of Ice. The cable car that takes you here goes deep into the Fagaras Mountains, where a pleasant surprise awaits. Constructed with ice for a nearby glacial lake, this establishment offers rooms that are perfect for one or two guests. Every part of the hotel is filled with expertly-crafted furniture – including the plates – and there’s even a chapel here if you’re looking to get married. Now that is a unique wedding experience.

Hoshino Resort Tomamu, Japan

If you’re hoping for an exclusive ice hotel experience, look no further than Hokkaido’s Hoshino Resort Tomamu. Only one person can stay here at a time, and the accommodation is typically only available for the first two months of the year. That makes it the perfect place to be if you want some icy isolation. What’s more, the hotel is also part of a larger ice village that features a frozen café, an ice rink, and an ice slide.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Norway

The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel has seen a lot of improvement over the last two decades. Now boasting twenty more bedrooms than it used to, this establishment is one of the places to be if you’re in Norway. It currently stands as the northernmost ice hotel in the world and boasts an array of exciting themes year after year. From mythical creatures to Nordic legends, the inside of this hotel is always something to marvel at.

If you’re ready to embrace the cold, these hotels are here to give you one unforgettable vacation.