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The Most Breathtakingly Photogenic States

Love nothing more than exploring the US with a camera and an eye for photography? Then you’ll probably be interested to know that some of the nation’s states are more photogenic than others. They’re the ones that have the most amazing natural landmarks and more breathtaking views than you can count.


According to the online photo book platform Mixbook, Massachusetts is one of the states most frequently tagged by users on the site. So many people visit this part of the US and snap shots worthy of publishing later, and it’s no surprise why. From Acushnet Cedar Swamp in Bedford to Bartholomew’s Cobble in Ashley Falls, the area isn’t short of natural wonders. The state is an excellent place to take your camera if you love swamps, wetlands, and forests, though it also has a gorgeous coastline that’s worth a few pictures.


Somewhere else that’s frequently tagged on Mixbook is Washington. You’ll find many incredible landmarks here, with these photogenic wonders spread out across the state. There’s Davis Canyon in the north, Wallula Gap in the south, and Mima Mounds and Nisqually Delta in the west. Ginkgo Petrified Forest, Boulder Park, and the Drumheller Channels also exist here, and each one’s worth getting to know through your camera’s lens.


Even more photogenic than Massachusetts and Washington is Minnesota, with the north of the state filled with natural landmarks. You’ve got Lac la Croix, Itasca, and Pine Point, all offering incredible views no matter what season you visit. It’s not just in the north that Minnesota really comes alive on camera, though. Further south, there’s plenty to fill a photo album with. Cedar Creek in the east and the Ancient River Warren Channel in the west may just take your breath away.


Colorado pretty much has whatever a photographer could want when it comes to the natural world. From mountains and lakes to rock formations and even fossil sites, there’s something beautiful to see around every corner. There are more than a dozen sites of interest here, including Big Spring Creek in Saguache, Garden of the Gods in El Paso, and Raton Mesa in Las Animas. Spend a few days visiting these landmarks, and you’ll fill your camera roll with all the flora and fauna you could ever want.


With almost half a dozen breathtaking natural parks, it’s no wonder that Utah tops the list on Mixbook. Even if you only have time to visit one of Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion, you’re not going to walk away disappointed. They’re home to some of the greatest landmarks in the whole of the US, so you’ll struggle to go a few minutes without taking a photo. This state is an absolute must-visit anytime you go on a road trip with your camera.

No matter where you live in the US, there’s bound to be something beautiful nearby to take a photo of. If natural wonders are lacking in your hometown, though, it might be worth booking a vacation to one of these photogenic states.