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The Best Ways To Take In Israel’s Negev Desert

Picturing a desert might conjure up images of stretches of absolutely nothing. However, that’s far from the case with Israel’s Negev Desert. In fact, covering more than half of the nation means there are so many hidden wonders and secrets all waiting to be explored.

Use the Negev Desert to experience sandboarding

Want to explore the desert in a way most people wouldn’t expect? You might want to think about sandboarding. Yes, it’s just like any other sport on a board, only this time you do it all on sand instead. Two ridges in Israel’s Negev Desert are perfect for the sport, as the wind brings in sand from the Sahara that towers an impressive 115 feet in the winter. While this shrinks to around 33 feet in the summer, the thrill of riding the sand is unlike anything else in this world. Anyone can give it a go as you slide down with a partner, standing, sitting, or even on your belly. The choice is yours!

Source: Getty Images

Explore ancient villages hidden across Israel’s Negev Desert

Crossing through Israel’s Negev Desert can make many think they’re away from the rest of the world. However, there was once a time that it was scattered with civilizations, such as the villages in Shivta. While they’re now just ruins, seeing them in the flesh is an unbelievable sight. From water-collection pools to the shells of stone houses, everything is neatly kept in the Shivta National Park, where it’s stood since 100 BCE.

Take in various treats at Israel’s Desert Daughter

It might look like nothing more than a simple metal building, but inside Desert Daughter are handmade beauty items unlike anything else on the market. Who would have thought they existed in Israel’s Negev Desert? Generations of Bedouin have long used local camel milk and herbs for their healing properties. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a host of homemade food on offer, including vegetables, olive oil, goat yogurt, and a selection of cheeses. Of course, you can also buy some of the many beauty products all made with love.

Source: Shutterstock

The Ramon Crater is one of the most impressive parts of the Negev Desert

There are plenty of reasons that the Ramon Crater is called the Grand Canyon of Israel. Among many things, it’s one of the most beautiful places hidden across the nation and is best explored at night if you want to enjoy its full wonder. What happens when you team high altitude with low humidity and a lack of light pollution? Some of the most uninterrupted views of the stars you could ever imagine. Thankfully, plenty of intergalactic guides are on hand if you want to learn more.

Who would have thought that Israel’s Negev Desert had so many hidden wonders tucked away from the rest of the nation? From thrill-seeking experiences to learning all about the ancient history that once dominated the country, there is no end to the number of ways to explore the Negev Desert. Now, it’s simply time to get out there and get exploring.