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The Best Volunteering Opportunities Around The World

Traveling the world gives us a chance to see what else is lying out there across the planet. Thankfully, volunteering not only means that we get to experience these cultures in an all-new way, but we can help to give back to another community, too.

Rebuild New Orleans, US

It might have been almost 15 years since Hurricane Katrina, but New Orleans still needs plenty of help. The United States Recovery Project gives volunteers the opportunity to rebuild the community for one family at a time.

Protect marine life, South Africa

Sharks are some of the most misunderstood beasts of the deep. The Marine Volunteers program wants to put an end to the misconceptions. Volunteers get to study marine movement and help take part in ocean conservation of sharks, penguins, dolphins, and whales.

Build schools, Kenya

One Kid One World works with volunteers who want to help build schools across developing countries. One of the main countries they work with is Kenya, where people work for one week. However, the organization also runs projects in El Salvador, too.

Set up medical camps, India

A trip with Relief Riders International is great for horse riders as volunteers ride alongside the founder of the organization for hours at a time. Not only do you get to see a new side to India, but volunteers also get to help set up remote medical camps for small desert villages.

Teach surfing, Peru

There are many community service opportunities thanks to Waves for Development. Here, volunteers often get to help clear up the local beaches before teaching vulnerable youths how to surf and get more involved with protecting marine life and nature in the long run.

Protect endangered species, Borneo

Of course, many of us want to get up close and personal with endangered species. Thankfully, The Great Projects lets people work with wildlife while learning how to protect and conserve them, too. Here, volunteers get to flex their muscles as they help build habitats and shelters for orangutans.

A floating city, across Africa

Africa Mercy has been traveling to developing countries for years, and the crew is always looking for more people to join their team. Being a medical professional is a plus, but Africa Mercy also needs receptionists, cooks, and teachers to bring this floating city to life.

Create an organic farm, Mallorca

With Pedruxella Gran, volunteers get to work as part of a team on an organic olive grove. This means helping with everything from pruning and harvesting the plants to caring for the animals that work on the farm before enjoying the breathtaking views all around.

There are so many ways to see the world. Why not learn how to give back and expand your horizons all at once? That’s right; volunteering around the world is a whole new way to see what is on offer around the planet. The best bit? Sharing the wonders that come with the roles might be enough to inspire your friends, too.