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The Best Surfing Spots In Mexico For Beginners

When it comes to catching waves, all of us need to start somewhere. That doesn’t mean everyone wants to jump in at the deep end and try their hand at the expert-level surfing locations. Thankfully, the best surfing spots in Mexico for beginners offer the perfect place to get started.

Troncones – Guerrero

It’s long been thought that Troncones is a place for expert surfers. While there are plenty of waves for people who want to test their skills, it’s also a great place for people to learn how to surf in Mexico. That’s because the three-mile beach is pretty quiet and not the prettiest of beaches across the nation, so it is usually pretty quiet. Troncones is also great for surfing all year round, with the best waves found in the summer.

San Blas – Nayarit

Being a small village means that plenty of people have forgotten about San Blas throughout the years. However, it might be time to put it back on the map, as it’s one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets when it comes to surfing spots. That’s because it was once known as the beach with the longest waves on the planet. However, it’s now a swell of waves that have come together to create some of the best waves for beginners to experts.

San Agustinillo – Oaxaca

A curved bay is the cherry on the cake when it comes to surfing at San Agustinillo. The beautiful backdrop is perfect for someone looking for a surfing spot with a difference, while the lack of crowd means people can learn how to tackle the waves without fear of being watched. The thick waves are a great place to learn how to start getting used to the board, but they also make an excellent choice for more experienced surfers looking for fun.

Sayulita – Nayarit

Like other surfing spots in Mexico, Sayulita has long been linked to expert surfers, as many believe that only someone with years of experience can enjoy the water. Thankfully, that’s not the case. Those new to the board can also learn how to tackle the often feisty waves if they hit them at the right time. From December to April is when they’re at their most powerful, perfect if you want to gain plenty of experience on the water.

Playa Carrizalillo – Oaxaca

Having a host of swells that create rideable waves makes Playa Carrizalillo a great choice for surfing spots in Mexico, while the ambiance is usually enough to put most people at ease. The gentle crashing of the waters is ideal for beginners to learn their way around the board, while they also offer experts a chance to hone their skills. The best bit? It’s yet another Mexican beach that’s away from the hustle and bustle of more mainstream beaches.

The best surfing spots in Mexico for beginners come in thick and fast if you know where to look. Amazingly, each comes with its own pull, including beautiful backdrops, stunning waves, and the best spots to learn everything there is to know about the water.