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The Best Places To See Lions Across Africa

If you’re into wildlife, you might want to know all there is to know about where to spot it. One notable species is the mighty lion. Africa is the wild and wonderful home to this feline, including the best places to see lions across the continent.


Kenya being as big as it is home to many nature reserves. With over 2,000 lions and lionesses known to roam the country, there are many places in Kenya that you can visit to get your safari on. A great place to start would be the Masai Mara game reserve. Stretching over 900 square miles, this reserve houses between 800 and 900 lions and would make for the perfect adventure to spot the wild cat. Tsavo West National Park and Lake Nakuru are also great destinations to spot lions more than once.


Botswana is also known to be home to these magical wild cats. These lions, particularly, have learned the buffalo’s routes and routines. Botswana is home to the largest population of buffalo. These specific lions are also known to be some of the largest in the world, too. That’s because of the easy pickings the buffalo make. Chobe National Park would be the best bet to watch these lions get to work, with the nature of the area making it easy to witness these lions hunt.

Source: Brilliant Africa


Tanzania prides itself on the highest number of lions that can be found. Being home to over 14,000 lions, it would be difficult to leave the country without having spotted the wild cat at least once. If you are traveling to Tanzania for lion spotting, the best place to stop would be the Tarangire National Park. The Serengeti is a well-known stretch of land in the wild and is the habitat of the largest lion population in the world.


Another underrated national park can be found in Zambia. South Luangwa National Park is well renowned for its scenery, safaris, and especially the density of wildlife. The park is famous for its large number of buffalo, which also contributes to the significant number of lions in the area. Lions make up 1,200 animals among the various species, with Zambia’s national game reserves covering a massive 120,000 square miles.

South Africa
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South Africa

South Africa has been home to many lions, with one of its biggest parks: The Kruger National Park. This park stretches over 7,500 square miles and has amazing visit packages and safari trips. With almost 13,000 lions calling the southern part of Africa home, 2,300 are wild. This makes South Africa one of the most convenient and safest destinations to see a lion if you don’t want to risk going into the wild.

Lions are magnificent and one of the most iconic symbols of wildlife. With so many options and a variety of destinations to visit, you won’t just fall in love with the wildlife and scenery. You should also be infatuated with the place that the king of the jungle calls home.