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The Best Places To See Holiday Lights Across The States

There’s so much to enjoy about the holidays, from the food to the music to the gifts. Something else that always makes the festivities more enjoyable is the lights that people put up outside their homes and stores. Some of these displays really steal your attention, especially if you’re in certain parts of the United States.

Los Angeles

You never have far to go in Los Angeles if you want to see an impressive light display. In Woodland Hills, many of the residents put on quite a show with their lights, prompting the nickname “Candy Cane Lane.” You can enjoy these spectacular sights without spending a cent, which is excellent for those on a tight budget. Anyone willing to pay to see an impressive display can stop off at L.A. Zoo Lights, where the holiday magic really comes alive.


Two miles is a long stretch of land to explore with nothing to see but holiday lights. Fortunately, the display at Hartford’s Goodwin Park is worth every inch. Over a million lights come together to create the most amazing sights, from local delights to familiar holiday scenes. As you explore the park, you’ll see around 200 different displays, each one hopefully filling you with festive cheer. If it does the job properly, you’ll be more than ready for the holidays by the time you reach the end.

Las Vegas

When it comes to eye-catching decorations, Las Vegas always goes above and beyond. The strip has some of the most spectacular visuals on the planet, and it seems that’s sometimes replicated on the Motor Speedway. When the holidays come around, this part of the city gets decked out in 3 million lights which you can enjoy from your car or the tram provided. It has all the razzle-dazzle of being on the strip without any of the gambling.


The Botanic Gardens are already a beautiful place to visit in Denver. However, it’s not just during the day that this attraction works wonders for its visitors. During the holidays, the Gardens are also worth visiting at night, thanks to the Blossoms of Light event. There are bright, colorful lights as far as the eye can see, all of which will transport you far away from Colorado. The natural sounds of this location really add an exciting element to the display, making it a must-visit experience.


Is 65 acres big enough for a holiday lights display? That’s certainly the thinking in Theodore, where 3 million bulbs light up Bellingrath Gardens. The display truly is quite a sight to behold, containing more than a dozen festive scenes that utilize over a thousand set pieces. Theodore isn’t the only city in Alabama that will impress you with its holiday lights, but this spot truly stands out from the crowd.

No matter where you are in the States, there’s going to be somewhere amazing to see holiday lights. These displays are particular standouts, though, and if you live in any of these areas – or fancy a vacation – they’re absolutely worth a visit.