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The Best Places To Enjoy Fall Leaves Across The US

Most of us have our favorite season. If yours is fall, you’re not alone. After all, it’s one of the most colorful times of the year that brings pumpkin spice, Halloween, and colder days, meaning we get to bundle up. Want to find the best places to enjoy fall leaves across the US? You might not have to look too far.

Door County - Wisconsin
Source: Door County Visitor Bureau

Door County – Wisconsin

Traveling between Green Bay and Lake Michigan will open the doors to Door County – aka one of the best places to enjoy fall leaves across the US. The hiking trails are unlike many others across the nation, while the scenic drives make for a unique way to take them in if you prefer the comfort of your own vehicle. Don’t forget about the islands either, as these are home to even more beautiful sights that truly come to life in the fall.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Tennessee and North Carolina
Source: Getty Images

Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Tennessee and North Carolina

It’s perhaps no secret that Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the most picturesque areas across the US already. So, maybe it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best places to enjoy fall leaves in the nation? After all, it’s filled with over 130 species of tree, many of which shed their leaves each year. This means that they fade to beautiful oranges, yellows, and reds as the year starts to wrap up each fall, leaving plenty of stunning views across the treetops.

Columbia River Gorge - Oregon
Source: Dissolve

Columbia River Gorge – Oregon

The Columbia River Gorge might be one of the best-hidden gems in Oregon. All you need to do is drive for around 30 miles out of Portland, and you should find one of the most scenic places in the state. As if the sites alone weren’t enough, then the number of ways you can take it all in makes things even better. Hiking through the trails is one of the more peaceful experiences and allows us to see the tumbling waterfalls. Did you know there are 100 dotted around? Then again, windsurfing and taking a riverboat tour give us a brand new way to take in the changing colors.

Garner State Park - Texas
Source: Getty Images

Garner State Park – Texas

You’ll have to drive two hours away from San Antonio to enjoy Garner State Park in Concan, Texas, but boy is it worth the travel. The Frio River is one of the best places to take it all in, as it’s lined by trees that come to life during the changing seasons. From the cyprus trees to the persimmons and everything in between, they all have their own shades that shine under the fall sun. The best bit? With so many hikes and picnic spots to enjoy throughout Garner State Park, there should be plenty of ways to take it all in.

The best places to enjoy fall leaves across the US are far from being a rarity. Still, some come to life with the changing seasons more than others. The best bit? The return of fall each year means we can enjoy them time and time again.