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The Best Christmas Towns Found Across The US

Christmas comes once a year, and plenty of places come to life with festive cheer and celebrations. Maybe you want to spice things up and enjoy the festive period more than ever before? It could be time to check out the best Christmas towns found across The US to inject a splash of magic.

Aspen, Colorado, is the place to be for a white Christmas experience

Nothing says Christmas more like bright lights and snowy sights, right? This is precisely what you’d come across if you were taking a tour through the mountainous region of Aspen. Here, the mountains create a fantastic holiday destination with the spectacular views of the snow-covered cliffs and streets. Elf meet and greets, public s’more roasting events, and spectacular tours of the city lights from the hilltops make this one of the best Christmas towns to visit during the festive season.

Orlando, Florida, is a magical space to spread Christmas cheer
Source: WDW Prep School

Orlando, Florida, is a magical space to spread Christmas cheer

Orlando, Florida, is home to the most spectacular theme park: Disney World! However, it doesn’t have to just be about Mickey Mouse and his company of affectionate family members. Disney World has a particular corner called Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, where a whole host of exciting Christmas-themed activities await. Running from early November to December, Disney World hosts a variety of attractions ranging from fireworks to cruises, all kitted out in a Christmassy theme. Florida is also home to Universal studios. Here, they flaunt their own little Christmas attractions by making The Wizarding World of Harry Potter a festive and merry time to remember.

Nantucket’s Christmas cheer should make you feel at home in Massachusetts

During the 1970s, a noteworthy incident changed how the town of Nantucket would do Christmas forever. Local shopkeepers went against the standard trading times. Keeping their shops open until later, those who had to travel far had extra time to do their Christmas shopping. This sparked a long-standing tradition in the town that brings a certain warmth to the festivities. There are many stores and stalls, with several decorated Christmas trees adding to the cheerful attractions.

You won't find many towns as festive as Lewisburg, West Virginia
Source: Jeremy Swanson13

You won’t find many towns as festive as Lewisburg, West Virginia

It could be the historical landmarks or the restaurants that add to the quaint atmosphere this town radiates during Christmas. Still, although Lewisburg is known for a whole host of different tourist attractions, the best time to visit would be during the holiday season. The town is also home to an old hotel called The Greenbrier. This 18th Century resort kits out its lobby in a fantastic manner every holiday season. It’s also known for its lighting and decoration during the festivities, setting up a massive tree in town square to add to the holiday spirit.

While every town and city has their own holiday attractions that make them stand out in their own unique way, some know how to go all out for the holidays. The best bit? The best Christmas towns found across The US could be all some of us need to enjoy the festive period.