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The 4 Best Ecolodges You Have to Check out in Panama

People today want to travel but not have a negative impact on the communities they are visiting, which is where the ecolodge comes in. Ecolodges are meant to be sustainable places to stay on vacation, where the money raised goes into protecting the local environment and giving people in the community employment opportunities. You can find ecolodges in many places around the world, and here are the four best to see in Panama.

Isla Palenque EcoResort

What could be better when staying in a lodge than having an island to explore at the same time? People who stay at Isla Palenque EcoResort can wander through 160 hectares of jungle trails and beaches. Service with a smile is the order of the day at this ecolodge, and you can expect to be provided with three daily meals at the on-site restaurant. Your accommodation provides you with an iPad, while you can take daily guided tours around this little slice of paradise. Guests at the Isla Palenque EcoResort have access to a private beach that no one else on the island can visit. The ecolodge combines sustainable accommodation with a luxury experience you would expect from a five-star hotel.

Mount Totumas Cloudforest Ecolodge

With a name like Cloudforest, you know your stay at this ecolodge is going to be high class. This ecolodge provides people with an amazing experience as they get to enjoy hikes through Panama’s largest protected wilderness area. The ecolodge is on the border of La Amistad National Park, and guests can take up to eight different paths through this landscape. Visitors to the ecolodge will also be introduced to several of the most important species in Panama. You can come face to face with white-faced Capuchin monkeys, Mantled Howler Monkeys, mountain lions, and spider monkeys. There are even hot springs for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Tranquilo Bay EcoLodge

If watersports are your thing, then perhaps the Tranquilo Bay EcoLodge would suit you better. The ecolodge is found on the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, and in the waters nearby, you can go snorkeling and kayaking. The wildlife is everywhere in this part of the country, so you can expect to see a diverse range of animals both in the water and the jungle. The furniture you will find in these cabins have been carved from local hardwood, or you can relax outside in your own hammock.

Canopy Camp Darien

If you love spotting birds, then Canopy Camp Darien is where you will want to stay in Panama. The ecolodge uses safari-style tents that are designed for use in environmentally sensitive areas. This means they are perfect for someone looking for ecotourism, as they are eco-friendly. The raised platforms the tents sit on protect you from the ground, while also putting you in a prime spot to see the local birdlife overlooking the jungle.

These Panamanian ecolodges are perfect for seeing the amazing landscape of the Central American country, while also supporting the communities they are found in.