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Stunning Scottish Beaches That Look Like They’re In The Caribbean

When you think of Scotland, there’s a high chance that you immediately think of rolling hills, cragged peaks, and a whole load of wind and rain. While there’s no doubt about the fact that it can be incredibly beautiful when the sun is shining, the landscape is all pretty similar, right? Well, not quite. What most people don’t forget is that Scotland is a coastal country, and it’s also home to almost 800 islands! Because of this, the country is laden with amazing beaches – and some of them look like they’ve been transported straight from the Caribbean.

Luskentyre Sands, Isle of Harris

The Isle of Harris is one of the most stunning islands around the Scottish coast, and there’s no doubt about the fact that it boasts some incredible beaches. One of the biggest beaches on this island just has to be Luskentyre Sands – and there’s a reason why so many call this place their “little slice of heaven.” With luscious golden sands and crystal clear waters, this beach is normally pretty deserted. When the sun is shining, it looks more like a computer screensaver than a real place you can visit.

Eoligarry Beach, Isle of Barra

If you haven’t added the Isle of Barra to your bucket list, then you should probably do that right away. That’s because this island is one of the most spectacular places you will ever get the pleasure of visiting, and Eoligarry Beach is one of the main reasons for that. Featuring glorious sand dunes and rocky inserts, this beach offers a huge amount in terms of varied terrain. Yet, the Caribbean feel is still there, and the sand between your toes will feel just as good.

Bhatarsaigh Bay, Vatersay

Although it may be impossible to pronounce, there’s no doubt about the fact that Bhatarsaigh Bay is a sight to behold. The island of Vatersay itself is just three miles by three miles and features small strips of island that seem to snake into each other. The sea rules the land on this island, and it’s created some of the most amazing beaches you may have ever seen. The sand just cannot be beaten, and – while it may be cold – the ocean looks incredibly appealing.

Traigh Lar, Isle of Harris

Traigh Lar is located on the Isle of Harris, and it’s the kind of place that offers two things for the price of one. Not only is it a beautiful location to have a picnic and even brace the cold waters for a swim, but it’s also a place that offers incredible views of the whole island. If you have what it takes to walk up the steep slope to the Clach MhicLeoid, then you’ll be able to view the island from above – and it’s definitely worth the effort.

If you can’t afford the airfare to the Caribbean, why not head to Scotland instead? These Scottish beaches look just like the rolling sands of the Bahamas or Saint Martin, but the best part is that barely anyone knows they are there…