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Road Trips That Are So Much Better Than Route 66

There’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned American road trip. Watching the world whizz by as you speed along the highway is the most incredible feeling. Unfortunately, it appears some people have lost their sense of adventure. Even though the U.S. is home to many incredible sights, plenty of drivers seem to restrict their traveling to Route 66 alone. Luckily, if you don’t want your road trip to be a cliché, you can always try one of these instead.

U.S. Highway 385

For plenty of people, going on a road trip is a chance to get away from everything and enjoy some peace and quiet. If that sounds like you, then Highway 385 should suit you just fine. This route goes straight through Big Bend National Park, one of the most isolated places in the U.S. The roads are incredibly quiet here, giving you miles of solitude as you drive between canyons and mountains. If you need to stop at any point along the way, you can always park in one of the ghost towns and admire just how silent everything really is.

Great River Road

North to south road trips aren’t as common as ones that go east to west, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth doing. The one along the Great River Road is a particular highlight as you travel from Minnesota down through the likes of Iowa and Missouri before finishing in Louisiana. The different sights you’ll notice along the way ought to take your breath away as you move from luscious forests in the north to the swamps in the south. Plus, you can try out some amazing delicacies as you travel down, including the BBQ treats that the South is known for.

Million Dollar Highway

If you’re looking for a road trip that’s a little on the wild side, the Million Dollar Highway should pique your interest. In the mountains of Colorado, you’ll find this outrageous stretch of road that’ll have you on the edge – literally. Safety wasn’t the biggest concern when this highway was constructed, so driving carefully is essential. Of course, if you enjoy living a little dangerously, then the lack of guardrails here shouldn’t bother you too much. Besides, the perils are worth the historical sights and beautiful glimpses of nature on offer along this route.

Pacific Coast Highway

As great as driving inland might be, there’s nothing quite like embracing the fresh sea air as you travel along the Pacific Coast Highway. This road trip will give you an incredible view of California’s coastline as you see everything the state has to offer. Of course, Big Sur is one of this route’s significant attractions, what with its towering mountains and rocky beaches. However, if you go on this road trip, you’ll soon realize there’s so much more to California’s coast than just this one area.

If you’ve got some free time coming up, it might be worth scheduling a road trip or two. After all, you’re never short of things to see in the U.S.