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It Turns Out You Can Still Visit Panama City On A Budget

When you’re low on money, a vacation doesn’t always seem possible. However, you can explore all sorts of amazing destinations without breaking the bank. Panama City is the perfect example of somewhere you can go while working with a budget.

When is good to visit?

Panama City’s proximity to the equator means that there’s little variation in temperature and daylight throughout the year. One thing that does differ, though, is the weather. The first half of the calendar year tends to be the dry season, while the latter half is the wet season. If you don’t want to deal with rain throughout your vacation, you’ll want to visit earlier on. However, February might not be the best time to go, given that Carnaval can make accommodation availability sparse and prices rise.

Where should you eat?

It’s not hard to eat on a budget in Panama City, given that many familiar chain restaurants have locations here. Of course, you don’t typically visit a new area just to eat the same stuff you have at home. So, while you’re on vacation, you might want to try somewhere like Calle Ricardo Arias that offers Panamanian food at an affordable price. You can also explore what else is available during your stay, so you can get a feel for where meals are the cheapest.

What’s the best accommodation?

You might think that it’s best to avoid upscale neighborhoods when you’re traveling on a budget. However, these places typically offer more safety, which is paramount when you’re somewhere new. Plus, amongst the expensive hotels are plenty of affordable rental properties that you can book through services like Airbnb.

How should you travel?

Unless you plan on spending your vacation in your accommodation, you’ll need to rely on transport when you’re in Panama City. It’s best to go with public options like taxis rather than renting a car. That’s because the roads here can be pretty chaotic, with accidents surprisingly common among drivers. The last thing you want is to rack up damage costs during your stay that you can’t pay off. Plus, taxis aren’t that expensive in the area, with journeys within the city typically costing less than $10.

What is there to see and do?

The Panama Canal is easily the most famous attraction in the region. It stretches for around 50 miles and can be seen throughout the city. It won’t cost anything to see the canal, though there is a visitor center with a reasonable entrance fee if you want to learn more about it. History lovers might be interested in seeing what the Casco Viejo neighborhood has to offer with its colonial buildings. Beachgoers, meanwhile, shouldn’t be disappointed by the many stretches of sand slightly out of the city. You might need a taxi to get there, but you shouldn’t have to pay a thing once you arrive.

If Panama City’s calling out to you, don’t be afraid to respond. Even if you’re not rolling in cash right now, it’s not that tough to enjoy an affordable vacation here.