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It Turns Out There’s A Real-Life Jason Voorhees In Crosby

When you think of slasher movies, there’s a good chance that Jason Voorhees comes to life, right? After all, he was one of the first on the scene and is still one of the most popular horror characters all these years later. Amazingly, it turns out there’s a real-life Jason Vorhees in Crosby.

Jason Voorhees has traveled in his time

He’s been to Manhattan. He’s been to the underworld. He’s even been to space. That’s right; we’re talking about Jason Voorhees. The slasher star has traveled in his time as he’s starred in a host of movies and spin-offs, but there is one place that Jason will forever call home: Camp Crystal Lake. Although his home ground might not exist in the real world, there are plenty of lakes that look good enough to become Jason’s new hunting ground – including a lake in Crosby, Minnesota.

He’s been in Crosby since 2013

It seems that Jason Voorhees has been a part of Crosby’s local attractions since back in 2013, but not everyone knew he would be making an appearance. Diver Doug Klein is the person behind the statue. It turns out that the old Louise mine pit in Crosby is a popular diving site and quickly gave Doug inspiration for a new addition. All it took was a little work to bring him to life, and it wasn’t long before Jason Voorhees was sent to his watery grave once more.

Jason lives on as a diver attraction

Of course, there have been plenty of iterations of Jason Voorhees over the years. Apparently, Doug Klein was inspired by the character from ‘Friday 13th Part VI: Jason Lives’ from 1986. You know, the one where Jason ends up chained at the bottom of the lake that started his story all those years before? That’s the one.

He’s changed a little over the years

Although the statue has stood the test of time, it turns out that Jason Voorhees has changed a little since he was first dunked into the lake in 2013. Diver Curtis Lahr decided to visit the statue in 2020 and filmed his experience. It wasn’t until the footage was compared to a video of Jason shortly after he plummeted into the water that the world realized Jason is now even more terrifying than ever. After all, the algae now adds a new layer of creepiness.

Crosby’s Jason Voorhees isn’t the only incarnation

Believe it or not, but the Crosby Jason Voorhees statue isn’t the only one of its kind. There have been a handful of other additions over the years, such as Arizona’s Lake Pleasant statue that terrified divers for months. Sadly, park officials decided to remove the statue. Thankfully for Doug and slasher lovers, it seems his Jason Voorhees creation won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. If it does disappear, you know it’s probably time to run.

Want to spook yourself at the bottom of a lake? You’re in luck! While Camp Crystal Lake might not exist, a Jaso Voorhees in Crosby will certainly do.