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Incredible Urban Walks Hidden Across The UK

You’re probably tempted to visit all the biggest tourist hotspots when in the UK. However, there’s plenty of other stuff to do, including going for a walk. Even if you’re not staying somewhere rural, there are plenty of incredible urban walks hidden across the UK.

Source: Jamie Thompson

London’s Parkland Walk is the most Instagrammed of the urban walks hidden across the UK

Visitors are spoiled for choice in London, especially with all the cool things you can do for free here. However, it’s worth taking time out of your busy schedule to enjoy one of the incredible urban walks in the UK. Parkland Walk is one of these. It’s roughly three miles long and follows an old railway line that offers several notable points of interest, all of which are great for taking photos.

Source: Visit Derry

You can explore the 17th-century walls of Londonderry in Northern Ireland

If your visit to the UK takes you to Northern Ireland, it’s worth spending some time in Londonderry. Here’s where you’ll find another of the best UK urban walks in the form of the Derry City Walls Walk. Around a mile long, it’s not too strenuous, but it does allow you to explore the 17th-century walls of the city. You can see the four original gates and admire the architecture and scenic views that Londonderry has to offer.

Regent’s Canal Walk is one of the most tranquil urban walks across the UK

Despite being such a hub of activity, London isn’t short of incredible walking routes. Some of the most epic hikes in the UK end up here, with Regent’s Canal Walk one of the best if you’re looking for some tranquillity. It’s nine miles long and takes you from Little Venice to Limehouse Basin, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see some amazing sights.

Source: This Is Durham

You can find one of the best UK urban walks in Durham

While Oxford and Cambridge might be the best-known colleges in the UK, Durham also ranks relatively well as one of the most prestigious UK colleges. That’s not all this city has to offer, though. You can find one of the most incredible urban walks hidden across the UK here. Starting at the Old Shire Hall and doing a circular route for just under three-and-a-half miles, you get to enjoy landmarks like the Cathedral and Maiden Castle as you walk.

Leeds is home to another of the incredible walks hidden across the UK

Should your travels take you to the northeast, Leeds has another of the best UK urban walks. Just over four-and-a-half miles long, you can easily complete it in a few hours and then enjoy some of the delicious UK delicacies on offer here. It’s a circular loop that starts and ends at the Town Hall and includes some wonderfully scenic views along the canal. It’s a great reminder of just how beautiful these UK urban walks can be.

While the UK might have tons of stunning rural walks to attempt, there are clearly plenty of incredible urban walks hidden across the UK, too.