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How To Travel Through Barbados Like One Of The Locals

When you visit somewhere new, you probably want to immerse yourself in the local culture as much as possible. To do that in Barbados, it’s worth ditching a hired car for the buses, vans, and taxis available across the island. If you want to know how to travel through Barbados like one of the locals, this is it.

Source: Rasremz

The eco-friendly Barbados city bus is cool, reliable, and easy to get around in

The great thing about the buses in Barbados is that they’re impossible to miss. Aside from their size, they rock the colors of the flag, so they stand out pretty well, even against the vibrant backdrop of the island. Although the Barbados city bus was once considered unreliable, they’re much more dependable now they’ve had an upgrade. Boasting air conditioning and Wi-Fi, these electric vehicles will help you get around the city and maybe outside of it too. Provided you’re going to one of their designated stops, that is.

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Minibusses are a faster way to get around, so long as you can flag one

Time is often an issue on vacation – there simply isn’t enough of it. Thankfully, you can counteract that by catching one of the island’s minibusses. Decorated like the city bus but with inverted colors, these vehicles don’t understand the definition of slow. They run based on demand rather than a schedule, but they follow the same route as the other buses. They also tend to have upbeat island music playing, creating a perfect vibe while you’re speeding around. It’s a must if you want to know how to travel through Barbados like one of the locals.

Source: Facebook/Minibuses in Barbados

ZR vans are excellent speed but less so for personal space

For something even faster than these buses, why not try one of the ZR vans? Painted white with a maroon stripe, they follow almost a dozen short-to-medium routes on the island. They also get you there in a hurry. The downside is they can get quite busy, so you may have to get familiar with your fellow passengers very quickly. What better way to travel like one of the locals, though? On the plus side, they’re at least more regular than the buses and can be hailed in most places. Just make sure you let the driver know in good time when you want to get off.

Source: Facebook/Barbados Taxi 911

The local taxis are good for when you need a breather from everything

ZR vans are definitely one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture. However, there may well be times you don’t want to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers. That’s when it’s worth jumping in a taxi. Affordable and friendly while still being fast, they’re definitely a more comfortable option than some of these vehicles. Prices are fixed depending on distance, so just find the blue license plates and taxi lights, then jump in.

There are so many ways to travel through Barbados like one of the locals. The best bit? There’s something to fit everyone’s needs while exploring the island.