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How To Plan The Ultimate Trip To Tayrona National Park

Many travel lovers have seen a version of the famous photo over the years, but learning how to plan the ultimate trip to Tayrona National Park might not be as easy as it sounds. Thankfully, the hard work and effort always pays off as it’s filled with some of the most beautiful beaches in Columbia.

When is best to visit Tayrona?

Colombians love to enjoy Tayrona National Park from December to January, meaning these are often the busiest months of the year. While they offer some great weather, visitors can also enjoy other months of the year so long as the sun is shining to appreciate the area’s beauty. Since 2018, Tayrona National Park has been shut in February to give the wildlife a chance to recover and the indigenous groups an opportunity to perform traditional ceremonies and rituals.

How to get to Tayrona National Park?

You’ll want to get to Tayrona National Park early in the day if you want to avoid lines and get the most from your day. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make your way to the area. One popular option is to catch a local bus that runs throughout the day and offers people staying in local hostels a quick way to reach the park. There are also boats and moto-taxis for people staying in other parts of Columbia.

Do you need a ticket to Tayrona National Park?

Yes, but the prices often go up a little each year. In March 2019, tickets at the gate cost $16.50. However, people can also buy them online if they want to skip the lines at the main entrance. It’s recommended that people get vaccinated for yellow fever before they arrive at Tayrona National Park, but visitors don’t have to show proof of the vaccination before they are allowed in. It’s also recommended that people take their passports, so they have proof of ID.

How do you get to the beaches?

Simply put, visitors need to walk to enjoy the beaches at Tayrona National Park. Although you can walk from the main entrance, it’s two-and-a-half-miles. Thankfully, there is a shuttle bus that runs people most of the way and saves a lot of energy. From there, you can walk anywhere between 50 minutes and two hours until you find the perfect beach. Thankfully, the paths are all signposted and well-worn, meaning they are suitable for people of most abilities.

Where can you stay in Tayrona National Park?

One great thing about Tayrona National Park is there is plenty of accommodation on offer if you want to spend more than one day – which most people do. However, you have to get there early if you stand a chance of landing a spot inside. There are plenty of campsites, cabins, and even hammocks for those wanting to spend a night under the stars.

Learning how to plan the ultimate trip to Tayrona National Park means we can all be prepared before taking the adventure of a lifetime to a park filled with so many breathtaking sights.