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How To Enjoy Amsterdam Like One Of The Locals

Hands up in Amsterdam is on your bucket list? You’re not alone as it’s one of the most popular cities for a weekend break in Europe. If you want to take in the city like a pro, then it could be time to learn how to enjoy Amsterdam like one of the locals.

Enjoy the canals

The canals are one of the most famous aspects of Amsterdam. The best bit? There are plenty of ways that you can take them in for yourself. There are several tourist canal trips on offer that take you around the famous locations, serve up food, and even host some epic parties. That’s not the only way you can take to the water. Many companies allow tourists to rent their own boat and take it all in at their own pace. This can be great if you want to take things at a slower pace and spend some time with your friends.

Take in the museums

If there is one way to learn all about Amsterdam and all the city has to offer, it’s by taking a trip to some of the famous museums. The likes of the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House tell the stories of the past and bring them to life in insightful ways. Then there are the unusual ones, such as the Cat Cabinet that teaches us all about how our feline friends have affected culture and art through time. There’s also Electric Ladyland to add to the list. This is an underground museum that includes everything fluorescent – and we mean everything.

Hire a bike

Would it be a trip to Amsterdam without hiring a bike? That’s what we thought. The city is designed for cyclists as every street comes with its own bike lanes. The city is flat, meaning it’s great for those who haven’t been on a bike in a few years. There are also plenty of places to leave your bike if you want to visit one of the many locations or take things in on foot instead. That’s not all. Hiring a bike means you can see everything in the city that you could miss using the extensive tram system throughout the city.

Explore a festival

If you want to enjoy Amsterdam like one of the locals, you might want to think about heading to a festival or two. Famous DJs from across the world often play at festivals across the city, but they’re not the only ones on offer. There are also plenty of smaller festivals that celebrate food, music, culture, and art in all kinds of ways. Checking out some of the weekend guides is usually the best way to make the most of these festivals and ensure you don’t miss out on some of the best events Amsterdam has to offer.

Learning how to enjoy Amsterdam like one of the locals means you can take in everything the city has to offer while looking like you know what you’re doing. Doesn’t that sound like a great pay off?