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Hidden Winter Getaways Found Across Asia

If you’re looking for somewhere to spend winter that won’t be cold and snowy, why not visit Asia? Although parts of the continent get what we typically think of as winter weather, other areas feel like a slice of summer at this time of year. You just need to know what places these are.


Vietnam is always a great idea if you’re looking for a winter getaway that won’t hurt your bank account. Accommodation and food here tend to be on the cheaper side, so you can easily get more bang for your buck. When you consider how much there is to see here, as well as how warm and dry it can be at this time of year, it’s clear that this is a worthwhile vacation destination. Plus, you’ll get to treat your taste buds to a variety of Vietnamese cuisine that you may just fall in love with during your stay.

Sri Lanka

This tropical destination is good to visit in winter for a reason. The chance to sit on a beach when it’s freezing cold back home is an excellent way to unwind. There’s often little rainfall at this time of year, too, so you can enjoy the heat without getting wet. Of course, there are more reasons to visit than that. Sri Lanka is also home to ancient ruins, national parks, and other wonders to capture your attention. Moreover, the food here is delicious if you love things spicy.


No matter how much money you have to spend, there’s a place in Goa to suit your needs. If you’ve got cash to burn, the south is more upmarket, with pricier accommodation and higher-class establishments. The north is more suitable if you’re working on a budget, but just because it’s cheaper, that doesn’t mean you won’t have an incredible vacation. Wherever you go in Goa, winter is the dry season here, with temperatures ranging from mild to hot, so you’ll be able to leave the seasonal blues firmly at home.


Whenever you visit Bali, it’s bound to be warm. The place doesn’t seem to understand the concept of cold, which is great if you love spending time outside. Many visit this country for a bit of mindfulness, which could be exactly what you need if the winter weather back home is getting you down. Plus, it’s not hard to find affordable food here, so you won’t have to break the bank during your Asian getaway.


The Philippines doesn’t always get the best reputation as a vacation destination. However, if you choose the right spot, you shouldn’t need to worry about questionable infrastructure or security threats ruining your winter getaway. Somewhere like Pangalo or Boracay should be perfect for this, with the warm, dry weather establishing the ideal atmosphere. Throw in the affordable food chocked full of fruits, vegetables, and seafood, and you’ve got quite the package deal.

An Asian vacation could be the perfect solution for avoiding the winter weather back home. Amazingly, all of these getaways are well worth a visit.