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Here Are All The Ways To Get Around Berlin

Heading to a new city can be a fun and daunting time. What if we don’t know what to do or find ourselves lost? Thankfully. Learning all the ways to get around Berlin means we can be more prepared for our next city break than ever.


If there’s one thing many people have learned about Berlin, it’s that it’s a city that should be explored outside. There is so much to see and do and several pedestrian-only areas that help people feel safe as they traverse the city.

Taxis or rideshares

Taxis are far from the most popular way to get around Berlin. Still, they are on offer and can sometimes be the easiest way to get around. Rideshares are a little more popular as they mean you can get from A to B with ease without spending too much.


Like many cities, Berlin is filled with people who love to cycle. It’s cheap, easy, and an economical way to travel across the city. There are more than 385 miles of cycle paths across Berlin and plenty of places to rent a bike if you don’t want to bring one on vacation.

Car sharing

Having a car is sometimes the most convenient way to get around. That doesn’t mean you have to fork out for a hire vehicle on your next trip to Berlin, as car sharing is pretty popular around the city. There are several companies that mean you can hire a car and merely pay for the distance you drive before dropping it off and going about your day.

Trams and buses

Trams and buses are common in several cities across the world. Berlin is no exception. Although they tend to take longer than other modes of public transport in Berlin, they can be a great way to take in the scenery and reach places that are a little too far out for other options on the market.


Believe it or not, but e-scooters have quickly become one of the most popular ways to get around Berlin. They are legal to use on cycle paths across the city and are a lot less effort than some of the other modes of transport Berlin locals use.


The U-Bahn might have a different name, but it runs just like the subway and is one of the best ways to get around Berlin. After all, the trains run every five to ten minutes and are a staple of berlin. Plus, it’s affordable, has 173 stations, and has a network of ten different lines.


If you want to get to the outskirts of Berlin or cover a great distance., then it might be time to think about the S-Bahn. It goes between the city center before heading all the way to distant neighborhoods and offers a different way to see the bustling streets of the city.

Learning all the ways to get around Berlin not only means we can prepare for the vacation of a lifetime, but we can also look like one of the locals too.