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Head To The Maldives And Stay In This Underwater Hotel

The Maldives is already at the top of many of our travel bucket lists. After all, it’s one of the most picturesque locations in the world and has become a major honeymoon hotspot for couples. If you want to take your vacation to the next level, you might want to head to the Maldives and stay in this underwater hotel.

Years in the making

It turns out that the hotel designer, Ahmed Saleem, has been building underwater creations for years. He opened the world’s first underwater restaurant back in 2005. Visitors could marvel at the wonders as they enjoyed a delicious meal at Ithaa. However, Ahmed wasn’t done. The architect wanted somewhere that he could sleep while still being surrounded by the beauties of the deep. It might have taken years of work and plans, but his dream finally came true in 2018. That’s right; The Muraka, meaning coral in the native language, now lies 16 feet under the sea.

Plenty to enjoy

Of course, The Muraka offers up more than just a chance to sleep with the fishes. It also provides some of the most dedicated care in the world. The upper level is made from glass walls that mean you can take in the waves from above the surface while also getting to make use of the secluded deck, infinity pool, and private jetty. As if that wasn’t enough, the room under the sea is where the magic happens. All of the walls are made from glass so that you never have to miss a fish that swims by.


Built to last

Thankfully, Ahmed wanted to make sure that the underwater hotel had as little impact on the environment as possible. The hotel now employs a team of marine biologists to make sure that none of the coral is affected. To top it off, The Muraka is held in place by several concrete pipes to make sure that it doesn’t float off with the change of tides. As if that wasn’t enough, the ship used to deliver the hotel was built to moor near the reef without causing any damage.

Paying the price

If you want to book a stay at The Muraka, then you might need to start saving. Rooms cost around $50,000 – a night. Yes, it could be a few hundred thousand before you get to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime, but you do get a lot for the price. The room comes with a private chef and butler who are on hand around the clock. To top it off, there is also a private water plane that takes you to your room as well as a private speed boat that is at your disposal throughout your stay.


Some of us love the luxurious things in life, and a stay at this underwater hotel in the Maldives sure is one way to push the boat a little further. It might be time to start saving to make our dreams come true.