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Everything To Know Before Jetting Off To Greece

Greece is somewhere that’s pulled plenty of people in throughout the years. Still, jetting off to the collection of islands is unlike most other places in the world. Learning everything to know before jetting off to Greece should mean everyone gets to enjoy everything the nation has to offer.

Pick the best season to travel to Greece

Of course, heading to any country on vacation means we need to think about which season best suits our needs. Jetting off to Greece in the summer means we get the best of the weather, but it’s also the busiest – and most expensive – time to travel. Heading in the shoulder seasons, either spring or fall, means we get cheaper prices but still have glorious weather to enjoy. Even winter can be great in Greece if you want to get out walking.

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Prioritize what’s most important to see

Being spread over so many islands means that seeing all of Greece might not always be the easiest thing to do. While it’s possible, not every traveler has infinite time. So what’s the best thing to do? Prioritize what you want to see. After all, certain areas are better for partying, while others have more history tucked around every corner, and some are perfect for beautiful beaches if you want somewhere to relax.

Decide which Greek island is most appealing

Each Greek island has its own pulls. It can be tough to choose which one to visit – but it’s all the more reason to head to Greece time and time again to take it all in. Thankfully, many of them also have their own airports, meaning we don’t have to travel to Athens and organize ferries or internal flights from there. Still, there are over 200 islands, so it’s best to research the popular ones and lesser-known islands to decide which ones you want to see.

Book most things in advance before traveling

While plenty of people love to be spontaneous, that might not be the best idea when jetting off to Greece, especially if you’re heading in the summer or at popular times of the year. That’s because tickets for ferries are in high demand and can often be even higher in price. Hotels or other lodgings and rental cars can also get booked up pretty quickly if you don’t get your name in there before traveling to Greece.

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Be wary of petty crime in Greece

Going somewhere that’s so popular with tourists always means there’s a chance of petty crime. While Greece is mostly known for being a safe destination, there are pickpockets in busy areas. Historic places, busy cities, and beaches are the places mostly affected by petty theft, so be sure to keep your belongings close and keep an eye on anyone acting suspiciously.

There is so much to learn before jetting off to Greece, but it doesn’t have to be tough to plan the vacation of a lifetime. In fact, a few ideas before heading off should mean we get to enjoy all the beauty Greece has to offer.