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Everything To Expect When You Visit Australia In The Winter

Due to its placement in the southern hemisphere, Australia doesn’t experience seasons at the same time as the United States. While the U.S. is in winter, the island is in summer, and vice versa. What exactly is winter in Australia like, though? Is it the same as winter in the northern hemisphere, or are things entirely different?

What’s the weather like?

As is traditional in many countries during winter, temperatures are lower in Australia than in summer. However, due to the climate of the island, some regions are colder than others. For instance, temperatures tend to be above 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the north, while in central Australia, they’re typically between 65 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The further south you go, the likelier you are to experience temperatures below 50 degrees. Mountainous areas sometimes even see an average of 43 degrees, and it’s here you’re most likely to encounter snow. New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania generally receive the most snowfall because of their locations and mountain ranges.

Are there winter sports opportunities?

Thanks to the snow that these areas receive, skiing and snowboarding are usually possible during the winter. Thredbo and Perisher Valley are two popular resorts, both in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, where these activities are possible. The locations offer accommodation, so everything you want to do should be right on your doorstep. Falls Creek and Mt Hotham are several other notable resorts located in Victoria, with Ben Lomond and Mt Field also offering ski slopes in Tasmania.

Does Australia have winter events?

Many people associate winter with the festive season. However, in Australia, that occurs during their summer, so there’s less holiday spirit at this time of year. Saying that, the Blue Mountains do have Yulefest in July to make the most of the wintery weather. What’s more, there are other annual events to look out for, including the Royal Queensland Show (or Ekka,) which typically occurs in August. This comes at the other end of the season from the Queen’s birthday holiday, which is celebrated in most parts of Australia in June.

Anything else to know about winter?

If skiing down snowy slopes doesn’t appeal to you, there’s plenty of other things to do during an Australian winter. The museums and theaters are open throughout the year, so these are good places to keep warm and learn about the country’s history. There are also more than a few bars where you can buy a drink or two and relax on your vacation. These might not be particularly wintery activities, but outside of the snowfall and winter sports, life generally continues as normal here at this time of year. The fact that this happens during our summer doesn’t mean that everything is immensely different.

Australia is definitely worth seeing in the winter, especially if you’re someone who loves things like skiing and snowboarding. With the country being on a different seasonal timeline to the United States, it means you never have to wait too long to be somewhere snowy and full of winter charm.