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Epic UK Hikes For Every Kind Of Walker

The UK might be tiny compared to other nations, but that doesn’t mean it’s short of amazing places to hike. There’s so much undeveloped land here that’s perfect for walking along and seeing all the beautiful sights that the country has to offer. No matter your level of expertise, there’s somewhere amazing for you to hike here.

Hadrian’s Wall Path

Hadrian’s Wall is a UK landmark that’s been around for centuries now. Although parts of it have fallen apart over the years, much of it still stands and provides the perfect backdrop for one of the UK’s greatest hikes. Stretching from coast to coast along an 84-mile stretch, it’s obviously not a walk that can be completed quickly. However, it’s only moderately challenging, so if you can handle the distance, you should be okay with this trail, even if you’re not an expert hiker.

Kintyre Way

Compared to some of the other hikes in the UK, Kintyre Way is relatively unknown. That’s ideal for anyone who appreciates solitude when they’re walking. You’re more likely to encounter gnats than hordes of tourists as you travel just over 100 miles from Tarbert Harbour to Dunaverty. These mosquito-like insects can be a real nuisance, but at least you have beautiful coastal scenery to make up for it.

Yorkshire Three Peaks

Hikers who love a lot of elevation on their walk may well be interested in trying out the Yorkshire Three Peaks. A circular route that travels over Whernside, Ingleborough, and Pen-y-Ghent, it’s definitely not one for the lighthearted. This hike covers 26 miles, including a mile of vertical ascent. Given that the aim of this walk is to complete it in just 12 hours, it’s one that only those looking for a challenge should attempt.

Thames Path

London isn’t exactly known for its hikes. Fortunately, while the Thames Path does indeed finish in the English capital, much of the walk is outside of the city. It begins close to the Thames’ source in Cirencester and follows the river all the way into London, passing through some of the most classical English locations. Hikers who love a challenge might not consider this to be the most exciting route. However, if you’re eager to walk somewhere that offers a lot of British charm, this 184-mile hike is definitely worth considering.

South West Coast Path

If you’re planning a long hiking vacation, then the South West Coast Path might be the best route for you. At 628 miles, it’s not something that you can complete in a day or even a week. Most people need more than a month to traverse this path that takes in the coastlines of places like Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset. Fans of the beach will have plenty of opportunities to take a break on the sand during this hike. Even those who aren’t might see the appeal of relaxing by the sea after hours of walking.

The UK clearly isn’t short of epic places to hike. Whatever level of difficulty you’re after, the country definitely has you covered.