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Epic Drive-In Cinemas You Have To Visit In The US

Hands up if you love nothing more than settling down to watch a movie? While you can watch movies in the comfort of your own home, there’s just something about heading out of your house and into a new environment that makes the whole experience even more exciting. Of course, you could head to the movie theater if you wanted, but do you know what’s cooler than that? Going to a drive-in cinema! Although there were only 321 drive-in cinemas left in the US in 2018, it seems as though these epic locations are helping them to make their comeback…

Wellfleet Drive-In Theater – Wellfleet, Massachusetts

As one of the most traditional drive-in cinemas in the country, it’s fair to say that a trip to the Wellfleet Drive-In Theater should definitely be on the cards. This cinema comes complete with a huge screen and space for countless cars to enjoy the movie, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go home as soon as the movie is over. This theater also comes complete with a dairy bar, a miniature golf course, and even a flea market that takes place on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

South Bay Drive-In – Imperial Beach, California

Those who love the smell of the ocean can rest easy knowing that there’s a drive-in cinema that suits your needs. The South Bay Drive-In is just a stone’s throw away from the ocean, and those who have been there have noted that the sea breeze wafts into their car as they watch the latest releases. The screen is huge and the snacks are delicious, and we’re not sure what else you would want from a night away from your own television screen.

Coyote Drive-In – Fort Worth, Texas

If you ever find yourself in Texas, why not embrace the way of the cowboy and head to the Coyote Drive-In? Not only are humans allowed the chance to check out some of the coolest movies in the business, but you’re also allowed to take your pets along for the ride. In fact, you can get free entry if you ride in on your horse! Before or after the movie is played, you can also take advantage of the live music and delicious music on offer in the outdoor canteen.

Summer Quartet Drive-In – Memphis, Tennessee

Although this drive-in theater may only be open from Friday through Sunday, there’s no doubt about the fact that people flock here every single weekend to experience cinema in a new way. That’s because the Summer Quartet Drive-In has committed itself to making sure that the retro feel of a drive-in cinema is there at all times. It offers customers the chance to experience it the way that their ancestors did back in the day – and it’s pretty awesome.

While it may be easy to head to your local movie theater and see a new movie, why don’t you give a struggling concept your money instead? Drive-in theaters are something new and exciting, but they are dwindling in numbers. Let’s bring them back into our lives!