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Enjoy A Presidential Escape To Some Of Their Favorite Locations

Sometimes, we need a little inspiration when it comes to finding our next vacation. Why not enjoy a presidential escape to some of their favorite locations? Being the president is never an easy job. Even the people at the top need to relax and unwind every now and then.

See why Vail’s skiing is so popular

Vail, Colorado, has Gerald Ford to thank for putting it on the map. He wasn’t the president when he first headed skiing in the area, but he fell for the trails and knew that he wanted to make it a permanent part of his life. Even after Gerald was voted into the White House, the president would often enjoy skiing vacations in the area. In fact, he bought a condo in the area and would regularly escape the madness of presidency with his wife, Betty. In the end, Gerald became such a prominent face in the area that his memory is still remembered there today.

Escape to the mountains in Virginia

Herbert Hoover hadn’t even taken over as president when he knew he’d need to relax and unwind. The former president bought a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia one month before he stepped up to his time at the top. Although previous presidents had also enjoyed the open air and mountain range, Hoover was the first to build a specific presidential resort to enjoy. Here, the president still took part in important meetings but would often unwind by fishing – a sport that Hoover loved more than most things. The cabin still stands as it did all those years ago.

Unwind and relax in Key West

Not every president has fallen in love with the White House. In fact, Harry Truman was so unimpressed by it all that he often referred to it as the “Great White Prison.” It wasn’t long before someone suggested Truman took some time away from the White House and recommended a vacation to Key West, Florida. It wasn’t long before the president created his own Little White House, where Truman spent the majority of his time. Here, some major decisions of the time were made as Truman lapped up time away from Washington DC.

Enjoy the wonders of South Dakota

It comes to something when one president can boost tourism throughout the entire state. That was the case for Calvin Coolidge and South Dakota. In 1927, the former president told the nation he wanted to enjoy the ever-expanding American West. South Dakota was keen to get the president to boost the number, so invited him for a stay. In fact, the state wanted to make sure it became known as the place to be if you wanted to see the president, so commissioned a sculptor that many of us now know as Mount Rushmore.

If you want something a little different for your next vacation, you might want to think about a presidential escape to some of their favorite places. After all, there is a reason former presidents fell in love with these locations.