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Best Bunk Bed Hotels Around The World

While there have been plenty of hotel trends over the years, not all of them have been as fun as this one. That’s right; we’re talking about bunk bed hotels. If you want a night with a difference, then it might be time to check-in to one of the best bunk bed hotels around the world.

The Revolution Hotel, Boston

If you have a job to do but still want to spend your time in style, then it might be time to book into The Revolution Hotel in Boston. The hotel comes with either two bunk beds or enough space for four people, and all the rooms have been designed with business in mind. Some of the rooms are also great for families as they come with a king-sized bed topped with a bunk bed to finish things off. Although the rooms have a low price tag, they never book people in with strangers, so have no fear that you will wake up with someone else in the room.

Trunk, Tokyo

Trunk hotel does things a little differently when it comes to bunk bed hotels. The bottom bunks fit with the theme of the area as they are futon-style. This means they are placed directly onto the floor. The top bunks don’t miss out on the fun as they are built into their own capsules, giving privacy to everyone in the room. As if a giant sleepover in one room wasn’t enough, some of the rooms at Trunk hotel also come with their own balconies. These are perfect for taking in the heights of Tokyo with your friends by your side.

The Siren Hotel, Detroit

If you want the feel of a European apartment teamed with handfuls of hand-picked items, then you’ve come to the right place. The Siren Hotel is found in Detroit, where you will be greeted to all kinds of handcrafted elements, such as the blankets that cover each bed. The best bit? They have even been finished with the hotel’s siren on each one. Each room comes with its own bathroom that has been fully stocked with custom bathroom products and, of course, the bunk beds. This sure is a Detroit trip that you’re sure to remember.

Generator Rome, Rome

Generator Rome is taking hostels to a new level. You no longer have to bunk in with strangers if you book one of these private rooms. They come with a set of custom metal bunk beds that help people to feel right at home. The beds also have a special feature as each has their own locker to keep your things safe. Are you worried about shuffling to your shared bathroom? Don’t as these private rooms each have their own bathroom, too.

There are plenty of places to explore around the world, so why not make your entire experience something that’s out of this world? Booking a room at one of the best bunk bed hotels across the globe doesn’t just offer style, it gives us everlasting memories, too.