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A Trip To Costa Rica Could Spark Your Adventurous Side

Breathtaking landscapes. Diverse wildlife and fauna. A feeling that you’re a million miles away from the rest of the world. It turns out that Costa Rica has just about everything we could need. The best bit? A trip to Costa Rica could spark your adventurous side.

Soak up the surfing life

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn how to surf? Costa Rica could be the place you’ve been looking for all these years. Surfing pros can enjoy one of the longest wave rides in the world, while beginners can enjoy some welcoming waves to get them in the water. Amazingly, the conditions mean people can enjoy surfing 365 days of the year.

Dive into the Little Amazon

You’ll need to grab a boat if you want to explore Tortuguero National Park, better known as Little Amazon, as it’s only accessible by water. Thankfully, you’ll be greeted to some unmissable sights along the way. Green sea turtles thrive in the area, while sloths, white-headed capuchins, and hundreds of species of birds fill the sky. The waters are even occupied by gentle-giant manatees and colorful fish.

Paddle through the water

Taking to the water in Costa Rica is one of the best ways to see what lies within the depths of the rainforest. There are plenty of companies offering up water adventures, including many that take visitors through whitewater rapids. Have no fear; there are also plenty of chances to relax and take in the scenery. You just go a little quicker through other parts of the river.

Whizz through the treetops

Did you know that ziplining was born in Costa Rica? People wanted to promote the importance of conservation and reforestation, so they decided to develop a way to get people’s adrenaline pumping with a breathtaking backdrop. It’s safe to say they achieved their goals. A trip to the Sky Trek Circuit takes brave visitors more than 2,600 feet up into the forest as people zigzag their way through the forest.

Push your personal boundaries

One of the best things about Costa Rica is the fact it gets people’s sense of adventure going in a way like never before. As if that wasn’t enough, there are plenty of ways to get the adrenaline pumping thanks to the number of sports and experiences on offer within the nation. Here, you can enjoy jungle swings, elevated bridges, canyoning, and just about anything in between.

Take a dive underground

It’s not just the rainforest or river that keeps adventure-seekers coming back to Costa Rica. Underground hides plenty more secrets. Here, there are impressive caverns and passages that have been carved out thanks to thousands of years of volcanic activity. There are plenty of large caves for those wanting to dip the toe, while adrenaline junkies can enjoy squeezing through tight gaps as they head further and further underground.

There is certainly no shortage of things to see and do in Costa Rica. In fact, a trip to Costa Rica could be all you need to fall back in love with adventure.