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6 Of The Best Gaudi Creations To See In Barcelona

Gaudi is still one of the most praised and recognized architects of all time. In fact, his work is so highly praised that it’s become a huge part of one Spanish city. A look at the best Gaudi creations to see in Barcelona are just a drop in the ocean when it comes to the architect’s talents.

Casa Mila

There is a good reason Casa Mila is often called the stone quarry: it looks as though it could have been plucked out of one and placed in the center of Barcelona. This is a special piece as Casa Mila was Gaudi’s last project before he committed all of his time to Sagrada Familia. Even the chimneys are a quirky addition to a home that’s covered with fairytale shapes, making it a must-visit for anyone looking for some Gaudi-themed attractions in Barcelona.

Gaudi House Museum at Park Guell

Perhaps you want to take a look into Gaudi’s life behind the scenes? Thankfully, we can, as the Gaudi House Museum found at Park Guell is the actual house the architect lived in for almost 20 years. In fact, Gaudi called this place home until a year before he lost his life. All of the furniture is still the original Gaudi used and has barely been touched since he last stepped foot out of the house.

Casa Batllo

If you’ve found yourself wondering what a Doctor Seuss house would look like, you might want to take a trip to Casa Batllo. Each room comes with plenty of dramatic curves and colors, all with their own bright theme. Gaudi was so inspired by the building that he used his own visions to guide people through the home. Don’t worry if you don’t think you’ll get it yourself; there is a guided virtual reality app that explains each step.

Park Guell

Not only is Park Guell one of the most breathtaking parks in the world, but it’s also a masterpiece that was created by Gaudi himself. The colorful mosaics bring every inch of the park to life, making it a masterpiece under the rising or setting sun. The best bit? A visit to the park also offers up impressive views over Barcelona. It can be easy to forget you’re in the middle of a city when up in the clouds.

Sagrada Familia

When it comes to the best Gaudi creations to see in Barcelona, Sagrada Familia is arguably one that takes the top spot for many people. The cathedral is the architect’s most ambitious and largest work and has taken so long to build that it’s still not done. The spires of the cathedral stand high above the rest of the city, and each tells a new chapter of the story. Everything about the Sagrada Familia makes it a must for fans to see.

Barcelona is one of the many hidden gems that can be found across Europe. However, the best Gaudi creations across the city sure help to make it stand out on the map for many.