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48 Hours in Berlin – Where to Go and What to See

Not everyone has the time for week-long vacations. However, that shouldn’t mean that you have to miss out on seeing the world. Plenty of destinations can be enjoyed in just 48 hours, including the German city of Berlin.

Museum Island

Usually, cities have one or two museums to entertain tourists and locals. Berlin, however, has at least five which are all grouped together in what’s known as Museum Island. Containing exhibitions dedicated to things like Ancient Egyptian artifacts and Impressionist art, you could easily spend a morning, afternoon, or even a whole day here. It all depends on how much you enjoy walking around museums.

World War Two landmarks

While the Second World War might have ended decades ago, it’s hard to visit somewhere like Berlin and not be reminded of it. Many of the city’s landmarks are centered around the tragic events of the 1940s, and some of them are definitely worth a visit. After all, while the Reichstag Building and Holocaust Monument might be quite harrowing, these are important pieces of history that deserve to be remembered.


Assuming that the sun is shining while you’re in Berlin, a trip to Tiergarten is an absolute must. Whether you wish to see some of the city’s notable monuments, or you just want somewhere to walk around in the sunshine, you can easily lose an hour or two here. It’s a great way to fill up your lunch break before moving on to another of Berlin’s landmarks.

Bathing lakes

If the sunshine makes it too warm to go sightseeing, you can always spend an afternoon at one of the bathing lakes. The region is home to dozens of spots that are great for swimming and sunbathing, all of which are surrounded by plenty of gorgeous German scenery. It’s an excellent stop for anyone who wants to be a little lazy on their Berlin vacation.

Take a cruise

You might be able to cram a lot into a weekend trip, but that doesn’t mean you can explore everything Berlin has to offer in just 48 hours. However, if you try out one of the city’s cruises, you can at least see as many sights as possible. You can find these all over Berlin, traveling across the rivers and lakes with expert guides at the helm. It’s almost impossible to fit the city into a two-day vacation without doing one of these.

Das Hotel

The chances are that you don’t wish to spend your few nights in Berlin cooped up in a hotel. Thankfully, there are plenty of places to visit after sunset in the city, such as Das Hotel. This might not be the biggest bar around, but the atmosphere makes up for the size. You can enjoy some expertly crafted drinks in the dim glow of candlelight, either by yourself or with your traveling companion.

As with anywhere, Berlin requires more than just 48 hours to truly be enjoyed. However, if you’re short on time, these spots ought to tell you everything that you need to know about the city.