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You Must Download These Travel Apps Before You Go Traveling

It might be no surprise to learn that in a world fuelled by technology, there are a host of travel apps on the market. However, these apps might be about to change our entire vacation experience. You must download these travel apps before you go traveling to see what we mean.


As if having all of the plans you need in one place wasn’t enough, Tripit can often put in all the information for you. After you download the app, it can usually detect your emails and out your itinerary into one easy to use list. This includes everything from flight times to when you need to pick up and drop off your rental car and just about anything in between. The best bit? The free version is usually enough for everyone.

WiFi Map

There are times in our lives where we need to access the internet while we’re traveling. Rather than spend hours searching the streets to try and find a local wifi spot, why not use WiFi Map? It shows a map of any wifi spots in the local area as well as passwords that you may need to access the internet. The free version shows close by locations while the paid version allows to you view an entire city as well as save maps for offline use.

Google Translate

Google Translate could be here to save the day next time you need to ask a question or try to communicate with someone only to learn there’s a language barrier. You can type in the word or phrase that you need to translate as well as take pictures of handwriting or text. You can even download a specific language pack before you go, so you won’t need internet access to get the app to work.

Sit or Squat

We might not think about it before we travel, but it can be tough to find a public restroom when you need one and you’re in a new city. Sit or Squat does all the hard work for you. It has all the bathrooms you can use in the local area, and users have rated each one, so you know what kind of experience you are in for before you take the chance. If it’s rated ‘sit’ then you should be good to go. However, if it’s rated ‘squat,’ then you might want to find somewhere else to go.

Google Maps

Google Maps is arguably one of the best navigation apps on the market. Although you need to be connected to the internet to search for new locations, you can save an infinite number of maps to use later on. To top it off, the GPS will still work on a map that you have saved, so you can get up to date driving directions or public transport schedules.

Travel apps don’t just make our lives a lot easier, they can also open up doors to new opportunities as they help us explore places and learn things that we might have never seen before.