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When Is The Best Time To Visit Key West?

When we think of summer sun, winter sun, or sun at any time of the year, there’s a good chance that Florida comes to mind. Perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering when is the best time to visit Key West? You’re in luck as it turns out there’s never a wrong time to visit – it merely depends on what you want from the area.

Snowbird season

Each year, Florida is filled with plenty of snowbirds, aka the people who live in northern states most of the year who want to enjoy some winter sun. Key West is an excellent place for anyone looking for some warmth throughout January to March as the temperatures are often in the mid-70s, and there are just three to four rainfall days a month. The best bit? There is still plenty to do throughout Key West as the annual food and drink festival usually takes place at the end of January for anyone looking for a way to pass some time underneath the winter sun. The pull of catching some rays in the winter means that snowbird season can often get a little pricey.

Summer season

It can be tempting for many of us to jet off on an exotic vacation as soon as we get the chance. Perhaps you’ve found yourself thinking about a trip to Key West throughout the summer months? While it’s a beautiful place to pass the time, it’s also pretty hot – and humid – meaning visitors need to be prepared for anything. Temperatures typically sit around the low-90s for most of the month, but that’s not all you need to think about. Hurricane season starts on June 1 and runs for six months, so you might want to think about bringing some rain gear if you plan a trip to Key West in the summer. While it’s not usually considered the best time of year to visit the area, summer vacations are generally cheaper, and beaches are quieter than throughout the snowbird season.


There is a good reason why September and October are called off-season in Key West: it’s the middle of the hurricane season. However, there are some rewards for those willing to take a risk as the area has avoided hurricanes at all in some years. Unfortunately, others have been devastated by the weather, meaning it’s especially important that everyone keeps an eye on the weather before dedicating to a vacation to Key West at this time of year. The off-season is usually a great way to get some deals in Key West as many avoid the area altogether. Just remember that your travel insurance might not be valid if you try to take a visit during these months.

Key West is one of the most beautiful areas of Florida and for plenty of reasons. If you’ve found yourself wondering when is the best time to visit Key West, then you might want to think about what you want from your vacation. After all, each season brings its own pros and cons to the table.