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Travel Tips From Ancient Greece That Might Just Have Stood The Test Of Time

When most of us look for travel tips, we tend to look to the future instead of the past. Amazingly, it seems that some travel tips from Ancient Greece might just have stood the test of time. We knew they were advanced, but who knew it reached this extent?

Don’t believe everything from a tour guide

Amazingly, Ancient Greece was always a popular tourist spot. This meant plenty of people wanted to make a quick buck, with some telling all kinds of tales to sell a tour. Even historians and philosophers of the time never let the truth stand in the way of a good story.

Guidebooks shouldn’t replace experiences

When it comes to Ancient Greek travel advice that stands today, this is certainly one near the top of the list. Several ancient travelers wanted people to know that while guidebooks can be great, no one should rely on them alone to look for things to do or dictate the experiences we should have.

Be open-minded with your food

Believe it or not, but ancient butchers were caught selling all kinds of meat rather than the ones they advertised. Even today, many travelers need to remember to be open-minded with their food – or simply become vegetarian for the trip.

Take a Roman road when you can

They say that all roads lead to Rome, but that wasn’t why many advised ancient travelers to take Roman roads. Instead, they knew they were often better paved than the countryside offerings, meaning there was less chance of being rattled around in a horse and cart.

Hang gold around your neck in a storm

Traveling in Ancient Greek times was a dangerous affair. While many of us want to survive a storm, not all of us think about who will pay for the funeral. Apparently, that was the case in ancient times as they would hang gold around their neck so they could be buried if something bad happened in the storm.

Skip beach resorts to avoid crowds

It seems even Ancient Greeks and Romans knew how to have a good time, as many of the wealthy of the period owned vacation homes in popular beach spots. The problem? Much like now, the ancient civilizations also had to battle through the crowds. In the end, many learned to avoid the beaches throughout the summer.

Don’t stay in rooms above a bathhouse

Bathhouses might not be a standard part of most of our lives nowadays, but they were once a large part of life in Ancient Greece. Sadly, it sounds like many bathhouses got a little carried away, especially as they came with beauty salons and gyms, leaving people to avoid staying in rooms above them to try and keep away from the noise.

It seems that Ancient Greece knew a lot more about the world than many of us ever realized. In fact, they knew so much that several travel tips have stood the test of time and still apply to the travels we take today.