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Travel Phrases Everyone Should Learn Before Their Next Vacation

Traveling around the world can be a great way to see what lays out there. However, it can be tough to fit in when you have no idea how to speak the language. These are travel phrases that everyone should learn before their next vacation if they want to feel like a local.

Directional phrases

One of the most common times you’ll need help from a local is when you’re trying to figure out where you are or where you need to go. Travel phrases such as “How far,” “Where is,” or travel hubs like the bus station, airport, or train station can all be useful things to learn before you find yourself stranded with no idea where to go. Directions such as “straight,” “right,” and “left” could also be travel phrases to add to the list.

Phrases to meet new people

Many of us love to meet new people and make friends along our travels. Learning how to talk to people is a great place to start. Greetings such as “Hello” and “Goodbye” should be at the top of the list. “Please” and “Thank you” can also ensure you come across as polite. Learning how to ask “Do you speak English?” or “I don’t understand” could help to save some awkward encounters along the way.

Emergency phrases

It’s best to learn any emergency travel phrases before you find yourself needing them in a hurry. Learning the phrase “Call the” and the services, including the fire services, police, or an ambulance, should cover most situations. If you want to take things to the next level, why not learn “I need help” or “I am hurt” to make sure you’re extra covered?

Phrases about accommodation

The chances are that many people know a little bit of English, especially when working in hotels or hostels. However, we should never assume. All the phrases you could use during your stay, such as “I lost my key,” “Fan,” or “Something isn’t working,” should help to make your stay as easy as possible. Thankfully, many other travel phrases can also be used around the accommodation, especially when you need to find something or a place.

Dining phrases

We guess you’ll probably want to eat something when you’re traveling around the world? That’s where dining travel phrases come in helpful. Things like “I’m allergic to” are essential for anyone with food allergies. Other phrases, including “Check, please,” “Do you take credit cards?” and “Can I have” will all help make sure you have the food you want. Learning a few and pointing at items on the menu should be enough to see you through your travels.

There are certain travel phrases that everyone should learn before their next vacation to ensure we’ve got ourselves covered and to help fully immerse ourselves in the rest of the world. To top it off, plenty of locals love it when people make an effort before their vacation, meaning you could get more help than you ever imagined thanks to your effort.