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Tips For Packing And Moving Your Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is a time when plenty of us travel across the country – and sometimes the world – to visit our loved ones and enjoy good food with friends and family. The problem? Sometimes, it’s as simple as moving the food around. Thankfully, the tips for packing and moving your Thanksgiving meal should make things easier than ever before.

Use silicone or rubber lids

If you don’t have silicone lids, what have you been doing with your life? Okay, that might be a little strong, but once you have them in your life, you might realize how life-changing they can be. They’re perfect for transporting liquid food, like sauces or soups. They’re also great for things like casseroles or sloppy side dishes that you need for Thanksgiving but have no idea how to move.

Store ingredients in separate containers

Some of us want to prepare all our dishes at home before taking them to our loved ones for Thanksgiving. While it can be a great way to save time and oven space once you arrive, it can lead to some things not being as crisp and fresh as they were when you left the house. That’s where storing things in separate containers could come in helpful. If your dish has a crunchy topping, keep it in another box to ensure it stays fresh. Want to take a salad? Think about deconstructing it before traveling to avoid anything going soggy.

Freeze food that’s particularly delicate
Source: The Kitchn

Freeze food that’s particularly delicate

If you’re looking for a quick and easy transportation hack for your Thanksgiving meal, you might want to know all about freezing particularly delicate dishes. This means things like the frosting on cupcakes or our carefully crafted pumpkin pies have a better chance of lasting the entire way instead of crumbling or melting as we travel to our families.

Yoga mats in the trunk can help with sliding

Plenty of us love nothing more than stretching out and working up a sweat with a little bit of yoga. Even if you haven’t used that yoga mat since you brought it home from the store, it could have a new lease of life at Thanksgiving. Simply unroll your mat in the trunk to help stop things from sliding around in the back of the car.

Coolers are great for long distances
Source: Thomas J. Story18

Coolers are great for long distances

Some of us have pretty hefty journeys ahead of us for Thanksgiving, meaning traveling with food is even more difficult. Rather than risk things spoiling in the car or getting stuck in traffic, why not consider loading things into a cooler? Not only should this keep things fresh, but it should also reduce the risk of harmful bacteria and microorganisms from developing on certain dishes. To make meals last even longer, be sure to chill them before loading them into the cooler.

The tips for packing and moving your Thanksgiving meal might not have to be too hard to introduce but could make all the difference as we head off for a holiday weekend with our families. Thankfully, all with good and fresh food, too.