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This Is The Best Way To Pack Clothes And Avoid Wrinkles

The idea of heading off on vacation can be enough to see some of us grab everything from our closet and stuff our bags as we can’t wait to get away. However, there could be a problem: the wrinkles in our clothes. Thankfully, this is the best way to pack clothes and avoid wrinkles for every vacation.

Start with the outside of the bundle

When it comes to packing clothes and avoiding wrinkles, it seems you want to start making a bundle. This means choosing all of your clothes that are most likely to get creased on your journey. Think stiff pants, jackets, and dresses that can easily get screwed up if they’re not perfectly packed before you head off. All of these clothes will make the outer layer of the bundle as you lay them down face up, one on top of the other. Layer them into your suitcase completely flat. It doesn’t matter if the clothes spill out the side at this point, as they will be taken care of before you zip up and head out.

Create your middle layer

For some, it might seem counterproductive to put clothes that are most likely to wrinkle on the outside of the bundle, but it will all make sense in the end. The next layer in the pile is made up of clothes that might need a little care and have a tendency to get a crease or two but aren’t as delicate as those on the outside. These are things such as blouses or shirts. If you are packing any button-up shirts, then you want to take extra care at this stage. Start by ensuring they are all buttoned up all the way to the top and lay the collars of all shirts parallel to the hinges on your suitcase. Of course, it’s also important to note that each item of clothing should be smoothed out as it’s placed in the suitcase to avoid inviting any wrinkles to the party.

Finish with the final layer of the bundle

The final stage of making the perfect packing bundle involves grabbing the core of it all. These are the soft and small items you want to take on vacation – and this isn’t limited to clothes. Socks, underwear, or other items of clothing are a great start. However, this space can also be reserved for the likes of a toiletry bag or makeup pouch too. Once this is all placed in the middle, start folding the clothes in a criss-cross pattern, ensuring everything is pulled tight and that everything is held securely in place. Once all of this is folded, you should be good to zip up your bag and head out on vacation.

For years, many of us have tried to figure out how to smooth our clothes after a bumpy ride and being crammed into a suitcase means they’re completely full of creases. Thankfully, this is the best way to pack clothes and avoid wrinkles for every trip to come. Who knew it could be so simple?