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Things Everyone Should Know Before Driving In The UK

Heading on vacation is about more than just taking in the scenery. A lot of the time, it also involves throwing ourselves into the local culture. One thing that many people forget is that different nations have different rules of the road, so here are things everyone should know before driving in the UK.

The UK drives on the left

One of the most important things to remember when driving in the UK is they drive on the left. This can be tough to get your head around if you’re used to driving on the right but could cause a major accident if you forget the rules of the road. Thankfully, if you’re hiring a car on your vacation, the fact the steering wheel is on the other side should help to remind you each time you head off.

You can perform U-turns

Many countries forbid anyone from making a U-turn in the road. Not the UK. While there are certain places you’re not allowed to do this, such as if there are solid lines in the middle of the road or signs that tell you you’re not allowed, many roads enable users to turn around so long as it’s safe to do so. Drivers can also make a three-point turn if it’s appropriate.

The speed limits are different

Speed limits vary across the world, but most of the signs follow the same format. On the UK’s equivalent of the highway, the speed limit is typically 70 mph. However, this can change and will be shown with overhead signs or warnings at the edge of the road. This drops to 60 mph when traveling on a country road and can get as low as 20 mph if you’re in a built-up area or near a school.

Cell phones aren’t allowed

Another important thing to remember before driving in the UK is they are hot on people using their cell phones. There are exceptions for cars with built-in hands-free systems, but even then, it’s best to avoid making any phone calls while driving. Texting is completely out of the question, and even something as simple as holding your phone can lead to a huge fine across the nation.

Learn the UK’s right of way

In the UK, there are usually yield signs if you are expected to give way to someone. However, there are also some rules that aren’t so obvious. One on the list is that people going downhill should typically give way to people coming uphill on country roads. You should also be the one to pull into a passing place if you can instead of forcing someone else off the road. Some of these passing places are marked, while others are more apparent from tire marks.

The things everyone should know before driving in the UK can seem a little daunting at first. Thankfully, things don’t have to be too bad. In fact, brushing up on your road signs and remembering to drive on the left should mean you’re safe from the moment you get behind the wheel.