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These Are The Worst Foods To Eat Before A Flight

If you’ve got a long flight ahead of you, you might want to think about eating before you hop on the plane. Airline food isn’t usually to everyone’s tastes, so it can be safer to just enjoy a meal beforehand. However, you have to be careful with what you put into your body before a flight; otherwise, the food might do more harm than good.

Avoid high-sodium foods

The thing about sodium is that it can be a significant contributor toward dehydration. That’s not ideal when you consider that being on a plane can also influence this. The dry air and lack of humidity when you’re flying can leave your body in need of hydration, so the last thing you want to do is make that worse. That’s why it’s wise to avoid high-sodium foods, such as meals that are overly processed. Fresh is best in this situation.

Avoid processed foods

It’s not just the sodium content that makes processed foods worth skipping before you hop on a plane. There are other ingredients in these meals that make them just as unappealing when you’ve got a long day of flying ahead of you. These can cause physical discomfort, especially for those who have gastrointestinal troubles. They might be tasty, but it’s best to save that food until after you’ve landed.

Avoid gassy foods

Certain foods are well known for giving people gas. These are things like beans, cabbage, and brussels sprouts. If you’re going on a flight, they’re another food that you probably want to avoid eating beforehand. They can cause bloating and intestinal gas, which is made worse the higher that you ascend in the plane. That results in a very uncomfortable flight that might not smell too good for anyone on board. For their sake and for yours, it’s best to avoid these gassy foods.

Avoid carbonated beverages

Sodas are a common accompaniment to a lot of meals. However, you might want to consider skipping them this time around. That’s because they can make you feel more bloated and gassy during your flight. This is tied to changes in the cabin pressure, which affect the extra air bubbles in your digestive system. Although they can be useful for those who struggle with motion sickness, it’s probably best to drink water instead if you don’t have this issue.

Avoid coffee

Plenty of people can’t cope without a few cups of joe throughout the day. However, this drink can actually do more harm than good when flying. Much like high-sodium foods, they can also cause dehydration, which evidently isn’t ideal in a plane environment. What’s more, they can make you need the restroom frequently, meaning a lot of up and down during your flight. Plus, the purpose of coffee is to keep you awake, but on a long journey, going to sleep might actually be the best thing for you.

Some flights can already be quite uncomfortable, especially when they’re long. By avoiding all these foods and drinks before you go anywhere, you should ensure yours isn’t made any worse.